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    Together... Discovering abilities, accelerating success.
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    Together... We strive to place each student on a path to attain their highest level of success.
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    Together... Cultivating Hearts. Challenging Minds. Impacting Culture.
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    Together... Sharing the joy, friendship, and faith.
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    Together... Playing with a sense of purpose.
  • <em>Together...</em>
    Together... Discovering abilities, accelerating success.
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    Together... Unleashing the creative spirit


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  • Lower School Students Raising Money for SHINE

    Lower School students participated in our annual SHINE chapel this week and have begun raising money for special projects in conjunction with our Upper School Spring Term trips that will take place in March. They will be collecting change through March 4 to go towards Spring Term missions projects such
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  • Black History Month Film Series Club

    "Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will."- Martin Luther King, Jr., "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" As Christians we should be striving to be people of both goodwill and deep understanding. In honor of Black History Month, Ms. Kate Seat
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  • GMEA District 12 Band and Orchestra Honors

    Six hundred middle school and eight hundred high school band students recently auditioned before a panel of judges for the 2016 GMEA District 12 (Cobb County area) Honor Bands. We are pleased to announce that two of our students, sixth grader Ben Martin and sophomore Kayla Constantine, have been selected
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  • Football Players Honored

    Congratulations to the following varsity football players for receiving honors on the Marietta Daily Journal/Cobb County All County Football Team which was announced over the Christmas break:David Brittingham - Second Team, OffenseChandler Moeller - Honorable MentionGreat job, David and Chandler!
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  • 200 Wins for Coach Matta!

    Congratulations to Coach Greg Matta for achieving his 200th win at NCCS against Mt. Paran on Tuesday, January 12!“I don’t even know what to say,” said Matta, “I’ve been around great people, great players and great kids. We have blessed people around here. They support everybody and it’s been great.”
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  • Our NCCS journey began in 2006 when Christopher was going into the fourth grade. One short year later my husband became very ill and almost lost his life. NCCS’s staff, teachers, and coaches rallied around us and became like family. Fortunately, my husband recovered and we had a few more years; however, he became ill again and passed away in 2012. Through a difficult time, NCCS provided my family with love that is not common from a school. NCCS never let us feel alone in that difficult time. That same year Christopher was entering high school and was trying to Read More
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True Grit by Todd ClingmanToddClingman

As a dad of three twelve-year-olds, I'm constantly struggling to find the balance between how much I do for them and how much I let them do on their own. One of our chief responsibilities as parents is to prepare our kids for a life that will entail trials and tribulations if they are the type of Christ followers we pray they will be. In order to do that, we must guide them in a way that lays the groundwork and gives them the tools necessary to face all of life's challenges.

One of the best tools parents can provide is to help their kids develop grit. The term grit is defined as "courage and resolve; strength of character" and has synonyms such as: courage, bravery, backbone, resolve, determination, tenacity and perseverance. As I reflect on twenty-five years in the field of education, I'm disheartened to see that it seems fewer and fewer kids are developing such strength of character.

Psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth who has studied grit for years says "one characteristic emerges as a significant predictor of success... grit." Duckworth defines grit as "the ability to persevere in pursuing a future goal over a long period of time and not giving up... It is having stamina. It's sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it's a marathon not a sprint."

Jon Bloom, Chairman of the Board for Desiring God, says, "You won't find the word grit in a credible English translation of the Bible. But it's there nonetheless. The Bible's terms for grit are steadfastness (I Corinthian's 15:58) and endurance (Luke 21:19). Steadfastness is the determination to remain at your post come what may. Endurance is the determination to keep moving toward your desired goal despite external challenges and internal weariness."

Of course, the Bible is full of examples of steadfastness and endurance demonstrated by heroes of the faith like Noah, Moses, Abraham and Sarah and so many others. It's through those examples that we see what Bloom means when he says "Biblical grit is not a genetic trait. It is an acquired character trait. True grit is forged in the fires of adversity."

As parents, one of the most important lessons we will teach our children is to develop the trait of grit! I pray continually for God to provide the wisdom we need to inspire and encourage our kids to have courage and strength of character, at home and in the classroom. Join the conversation. How do you inspire and encourage your children to have endurance and grit in today's world?

Tim Elmore's recent post on the topic (HERE) provides additional insight and perspective.


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