Together ... we are guided to discover and explore our unique genius.
We Are NCCS.
Together ... we do life. The ups, the downs, the in-betweens -- always as a family. 
We Are Family.
Together ... we humbly seek to know, worship, and reflect the love of our God. 
We Are Believers.
Student at Graduation with Head of School Todd Clingman.
We Are Scholars.
Together ... we learn to step into the spotlight, finding joy in the gifts God has given. 
We Are Artists.
Together ... we are united in the pursuit of giving our all, for the glory of God. 
We Are Athletes.
Together ... cultivating hearts, challenging minds, and impacting culture. 
Welcome Home.

North Cobb Christian School just feels


We hear these words continually from parents and students alike. From our founding in 1983 by a few faithful families to today’s thriving student body of nearly 1,000 learners on our expansive 50-acre campus, NCCS has stayed true to our calling of “family.”

The NCCS Vision


NCCS isn't just a school. It's family.

The top comment we receive from students and parents is that NCCS “feels like home.” This isn’t coincidental. We intentionally cultivate a culture of faith, support and love through small class sizes, programs where students discover their unique genius, and countless opportunities for students to bond and grow together -- from weekly chapel to retreats, and from peer mentoring to Spring Term trips. The bottomline: we are more than a school. We are a family.

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Our children aren’t just taught -- they’re loved. We couldn’t ask for our kids to be surrounded by better mentors. NCCS Parent

Cultivating Hearts

Firm foundations of faith & identity. 

At NCCS, Jesus is the center, and that makes all the difference. We exist to lead students towards grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Additionally, we believe that if students discover their unique gifts and interests, they develop a strong sense of who God made them to be. With this sense of identity comes a great advantage: Our students know who they are … they know Whose they are … and they are empowered to live with purpose. 

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I choose to teach at NCCS because, here, I have the gift of openly sharing my love for Jesus with my students.

NCCS Faculty 

Challenging Minds

Individualized education equates to incredible success.

NCCS’s unique, individualized approach develops students’ unique genius. We offer STEM/STEAM for preschool - 12th grade, on-campus dual enrollment, five NCCS Academies (magnet programs), extensive AP + honors, and innovative college counseling. We have a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate, including Harvard, Brown, Johns Hopkins, and hundreds more. Graduating classes earn ~$10 million in scholarships; over 30% of grads earn a 4.0 or higher.

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Our daughter is absolutely thriving at college. Even better, she has a strong foundation of faith. NCCS Parent

Impacting Culture

At NCCS, we send our students out, and we invite the world in. 

Our students thrive through “global classroom” experiences that allow them to impact our world for Christ. Students in preschool through 12th grade participate in regular community service, from charities in our own backyard to global Spring Term missions trips. NCCS also houses a robust International Student Program, hosting students from around the globe who thrive amidst our beautifully diverse student body. 

Serving the community became a natural part of my life at NCCS. In serving, I gained much more than I gave. NCCS Alumni

News & Events

Fall Sports Update 9.23.20

Fall sports are in full swing at NCCS!

Click for a recap of current and upcoming events, and check our Athletics page for full schedules and scores. 

Overall a great time for NCCS athletics!

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Mr Childers' Class Takes On The Mayflower

400 years ago, the Pilgrims left Plymouth, England, to sail to the "New World." Mr. Childers' class celebrated the quadricentennial of that date by dressing as those early settlers, learning about the journey (Did you know that the Pilgrims missed their original destination of Jamestown and ended up in a place they called Plymouth Colony?), playing games ("Pin the Sail on Plymouth" + Mayflower boat racing across a kiddie pool), and measuring out the size of the boat on the softball field to get a feel for the conditions the Pilgrims endured during their nine-week journey. Sailing through America's history is definitely more fun with Mr. Childers at the helm!

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NCCS Diversity Council

We are blessed by the beautiful work being done at NCCS with regards to diversity and inclusion. Our Unity + Diversity Council has continued to meet since this summer, and this past Wednesday, the council led an all-faculty and staff meeting during Take One Wednesday. Meet our 20-21 council in the video, above, and stay tuned for a parent survey coming next week!

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Hitting The High Note

Who caught our story earlier this week that showcased Patrick McDonald, our Flipside and Summer Camps Director, just causally belting out hymns like an ANGEL? This week, Mr. McDonald was also invited to be a special guest in Mrs. Wallace's Upper School Chorus class, offering tips on vocal projection. We're so blessed to have this talented powerhouse at NCCS!

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L'Aigle Volante

Students in Honors French IV spent the first few weeks of school studying La Presse Française (the French Press). During this unit, les élèves (students) spent time studying bias in the media, examining journalism, learning major tenses, and reporting TRUTH through it all. They were reminded of the real Truth that is the Gospel and how it is our blessing to be able to report on that Truth each and every day!

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NCCS Alumni Soars

We often say that our alumni soar, and in this case, we mean it literally.

We’re so proud of Brittany (Ortiz) Williams (class of ’11) who received her Delta wings! She will be flying the Boeing 737 out of New York City.

Congratulations, Brittany!  What a great accomplishment!

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Interested in NCCS? Our Team Is Waiting!

Step inside … and welcome home.

At North Cobb Christian School, we are excited to open our doors and welcome all prospective families inside.

We invite you to reach out to our Admissions team, so that Beth Wright and Mandy Johnson can personally usher you into the NCCS experience.

What sets NCCS apart? Here, we’re family. And now, more than ever, that really matters.

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A Family Letter | Celebrating Diversity

A letter from Head of School Todd Clingman addressing social and racial injustices, written for the families, faculty, staff and friends of North Cobb Christian School. 

Dear NCCS Family,

It is with a humble and contrite spirit that I begin this message to you all — a message that, in full transparency, I feel inadequate to give. Yet, I cannot keep silent in the face of the violent reality of social and racial injustices that we are experiencing in our country. The death of George Floyd and countless other African American men and women — who, though created in the image of God, have fallen at the hands of racism — are inexcusable, wrong, and beyond comprehension. My heart, like yours, is in anguish. Honestly, it has been difficult even to put this message into words because words, themselves, are inadequate. Yet, words are a starting place, and we all must start.

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Academy Acceptances 2020-2021

Please join our Academy Directors in offering congratulations to the following students who have been accepted into the NCCS Upper School Academies for the 2020-2021 school year!

These students will join a great community of learners currently involved in robust programs in our Academies, which are akin to magnet programs that allow students to explore a rigorous course of study in a particular area of interest. The NCCS Academies include The Academy of The Arts; The Academy of Business; The Academy of Counseling, Ministry, and Education; The Academy of Exercise and Sport Science; and The STEM Academy. 

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Why We Love NCCS




In addition to feeling like a family, what makes NCCS so special is how the teachers and coaches really encourage you to develop your talents and explore diverse interests. My schedule was set up so I had time for track, time for band, time for my classes, and time to be in the [spring] musical. Everyone here works with you to balance your schedule, so you can achieve everything you want to achieve. Synclair Savage, Alumni class of '20




My goal, as a teacher and mentor, is to instill a love for Jesus Christ into my students. I am continually blessed by the people I work with. All of the administration, faculty and staff here at NCCS have a deep love for the students and families they represent. Our united goal is to impact our students for Christ, so that they can, in turn, impact culture. I thank God every day that I have the opportunity to be part of a community and purpose that is focused solely on Him.
Marybeth lawler, Middle School bible + Art Teacher

The Cardens



We love NCCS for its emphasis on spiritual formation, as well as the development of the whole child. Our children have been challenged and well prepared for college. The teachers, who go the extra mile, just become part of your family -- they invest so much into the kids. We love our school for the community and the depth of learning our children have received and continue to receive.Zack + Tennyson Carden, NCCS Parents

The FungAWings



NCCS teachers are the cream of the crop. The lives of our children are radically different because of the impact their teachers have made on their hearts. They truly love Jesus with their whole hearts and love our children as if they were their very own. I don’t even have words to express how much this means to our family. Dean + Gabrielle Fung A Wing, NCCS ParentS




I love the beautiful diversity at NCCS. We have had opportunities to welcome students from so many parts of the globe as part of our International Program. I love coming into the cafeteria and seeing a Chinese student sitting with Korean, Brazilian, and American students and watching them laugh with each other.Emily Siller, Upper School Counselor