Business Office Staff
Oshust, Judy

Judy has a degree in Communications and Marketing from the University of West Florida.

Judy and her husband have 2 daughters who both graduated from NCCS. Their church home is Burnt Hickory Baptist Church. In her spare time, Judy enjoys “couponing”, spending time with her husband and taking care of their two dogs, aka their “four-legged girls.”

Golden moment at NCCS: 
One of the moments that is most memorable for me involves a teacher caring for my daughter.  I remember the morning of 9-11 very vividly at the school.  We heard about the attacks from a parent and immediately parents started picking up their students to take them home to safety.  It was hard getting information at school during the day but we knew it was bad.  My daughter was in 7th grade at the time and had a pre-conceived fear of terrorism. so you can imagine her horror when they heard in their English class what happened.  Erin curled up in a ball with her eyes shut and her hands over her ears and she was humming and rocking essentially in fetal position.  Clearly she was not doing well.  Just at that time another teacher came to the door and both teachers felt led to take her in the hall and let her cry away from her peers.  They hugged her, prayed with her, reminded her of Jesus' love for her and told her that everything was going to be ok.  Erin was so comforted she went back to class and I was none the wiser until the next day when the teacher stopped by and asked how Erin was doing.  She told me what happened and I was so grateful for their discernment and their sensitivity to her reaction to the situation.  I am convinced she would not have gotten that loving, caring reaction any other place.

Why I chose NCCS:
When I started working at NCCS in 1999, it was convenient that the girls were attending school here.  I have been blessed to stay for 13 years because it is a wonderful place to be – with a great working environment, friends and relationships, and caring co-workers.  It is enjoyable to get to know the parents and students each year.  The ability to worship and pray together in the work environment makes NCCS extra special. 

Original Hometown:  Florida Panhandle

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