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The North Cobb Christian School Board of Directors has established the following Ends to glorify God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, our Comforter.

"The Relationship"
NCCS students will have opportunity to experience and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Students will be taught:
Purpose in life comes from being a child of God and following His will
A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is their greatest gift
A biblical understanding of the Trinity and God's creation
"The Foundation / Cornerstone"
NCCS students will be equipped to:
Effectively communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Explain and defend the basic tenets of Christianity as found in the NCCS Statement of Faith
Articulate and embrace a Christian Worldview
Employ Scripture in decision-making and critical thinking
"Christian Maturity"
The NCCS educational experience develops students to become more Christ like
Students increasingly demonstrate Christ like character
Students are affirmed that God has fearfully and wonderfully made them, with a purpose, for His glory
Students will begin to recognize their God-given uniqueness
Spiritual gift(s)
Hearts desire, passions, interests
Abilities and aptitude
Personality and temperament (their nature)
Experiences of life
"The Equipped Student "
The NCCS student receives a biblically integrated, college preparatory education that meets or exceeds state graduation and accreditation requirements.
NCCS students begin exploration and development of their unique God-given gifts and abilities in order to fulfill God's calling on their lives.
Students objectively demonstrate a grade appropriate, biblically integrated knowledge and understanding of course subject matter in all completed studies.
Students objectively demonstrate advanced proficiency in:
Reading skills
Writing skills
Critical thinking skills
Students objectively demonstrate grade appropriate development furthering their knowledge and understanding of:
The Gospel of Jesus Christ
Their Purpose in Christ
Essential Doctrines of Christianity
Servant Leadership
A Christian Worldview
"Distinguished Scholar" graduates objectively demonstrate advanced training and performance of critical thinking abilities, communication skills, course level accomplishment and GPA's.
Graduating students will develop a personal mission statement and action plan.
Every graduate earns a college preparatory diploma.

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