Eagles Athletes Soar! | Post-Season Recognition

NCCS Cross Country | North Cobb Christian School It was an AMAZING fall for our NCCS Eagles athletics teams, with many of our dedicated athletes receiving recognition for their accomplishments this season! 

Congratulations to these Eagle athletes: 

Cross Country

Abbie Clark - All-State Team, GHSA Elite 15 1A Private


Mark Hollars - 6-A Region Coach of the Year

Timothy Walker - 6-A Defensive Player of the Year

Nate Ellis - 1st Team All Region Offense
Ryan Pruitt - 1st Team All Region Offense
Jake Watson - 1st Team All Region Offense
Kyle Pierre - 1st Team All Region Defense

Brian Arp - 2nd Team All Region Offense
Sharnard Banks - 2nd Team All Region Offense
Levi Brown - 2nd Team All Region Defense
Grant Coleman - 2nd Team All Region Defense
Chandler Tolar - 2nd Team All Region Defense

Carson Groulx - All Region Honorable Mention
Ben Hollars- All Region Honorable Mention
Bryce Lawrence- All Region Honorable Mention
Austin Mathis- All Region Honorable Mention
Trey Stephens- All Region Honorable Mention
Nate Watson- All Region Honorable Mention


Lollie Smith - 1st Team All Region 6A-Sub B
Rylee Greaves - 2nd Team All Region 6A-Sub B


Caitlin Frazee - Area 6, All Area Team, GVCA A/AA All State Team
Jessica Hidden - Area 6, All Area Team
Kelsie Spell - Area 6, All Area Team

 NCCS Softball

The Nest | NCCS Students Launch E-News!

The Nest Issue 1. Vol 1. Cover.NCCSWhat a fall it's been at NCCS!

We'd like to share some of the highlights from this season, as captured and told by our very own students. Check out the inaugural issue of The Nest | A Bird's Eye Viewthe NEW e-magazine produced by our Upper School journalism students, under the direction of Andrea Browning.

This entire publication was produced in-house, from brainstorming story angles to interviewing to writing -- and we couldn't be more proud of our students for their hard work! This truly is THEIR view of what's going on at NCCS.

A few notes about the flipbook format:

The Nest can be read via mobile devices, but to experience the full scope of this impressive publication, we suggest reading it on a computer or larger-screened tablet. 

> We recommend viewing in "Full Screen" mode, which can be accessed by clicking the Full Screen icon in the center of each page.

> Turn pages by swiping on a mobile device, or use the arrow commands. 

> There are several videos embedded within pages, so click and enjoy!

The Nest. North Cobb Christian School PK3-HighSchool


Year-End Gifts + GEEC

North Cobb Christian School STEAM ClassroomOur school family is incredibly generous, and we appreciate each and every gift that helps make North Cobb Christian so very special. Here are two impactful ways to make a BIG difference before the end of the year.

GEEC DEADLINE | Apply by 12.31.18

You have until 12/31 to redirect your tax dollars to NCCS!

Please take 5 minutes to renew your 2019 GEEC application by contacting Andrea Ferguson - or start a new application HERE! These funds cost you NOTHING other than the taxes you’re already paying, but they are essential to many amazing programs at our school -- with the potential to bring in $400,000 this year! 

YEAR-END GIVING | Tax deductions for 2018

If you’re planning a year-end donation, giving through our website HERE  is the easiest option.

Checks, credit card and cash donations can also be made in the Business Office through 12/20. Donations can also be mailed in during the break; to receive a 2018 deduction, checks and postmarks MUST be dated by 12/31/18.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity! 

Fall Visual Arts Show 2018

At North Cobb Christian School, cultivating students' artistic gifts and talents is a top goal. We believe that every child is capable of creative brilliance if given the opportunity, inspiration and tools. And after a busy fall in our visual arts classes, we are ready to celebrate some amazing creations! Come enjoy artwork from EVERY student in JK5 through 4th grades, plus all Middle School and Upper School visual art students during the 2018 NCCS Fall Visual Arts Show!

Opening Reception 

Join us for Opening Reception on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Fine Arts Building (FAB), with refreshments and music as you enjoy our students' creativity. Bring your student and be prepared to be inspired by the immense, diverse talent represented within our impressive student body. 

The show will also be open for viewing from 8:00 - 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. 

We hope to see you there! 

Fall Visual Arts Show | North Cobb Christian | Strong Arts Program Private School

Authentic Christian Education | Tightrope Walker

by Jonathan Ray, NCCS Director of Student Life 

North Cobb Christian School's Middle School and Upper School students are applying their faith through a new Habitude this month, The Tightrope Walker. This spiritual truth will speak to all of us, regardless of our walks of life.

This month, Pastor Russ Masterson of Christ the Redeemer introduced the principle behind our third Habitude this year at North Cobb Christian School: The Tightrope Walker. The message of The Tightrope Walker is this: our pride, insecurities and anxieties cause us to live like we’re balancing on a tightrope with a backpack filled with burdens. We walk on this wire weighed down with the pressures of life, of maintaining our image, of guilt over our daily mistakes -- so much bagage strapped to our backs -- while we attempt to convince everyone we have it all together, that we’re good, loveable, talented, and worthy of being liked and accepted. 

We try to balance all that junk as we make our way across a wire towards the love and affection of others and even God, believing that's how we earn it. What a burdensome fearful life. 

What if people see us for who we really are?
What if we fail? 
What if we fall?

Sometimes we don’t even know we’re doing this, it’s so ingrained in our hearts and mind … BUT Jesus offers us a different way. 

He asks us to come to Him, to allow Him to take our burdens, and He welcomes us into the freedom of His care, being truly known (yup, God sees all the good, the bad, and the ugly) and yet truly loved and welcomed in, accepted by Him. We don’t have to be a tightrope walker, one false step away from falling out of favor with our Maker. Instead, He welcomes us to fall -- into His care, into His acceptance, into His love. That changes everything. 

Which yoke is best?

We can find this call of Jesus in the gospel of Matthew, verses 11:28-30. Here, Jesus invites us to bring him our burdens, taking up His yoke instead.
“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matt. 11:28-30

Jesus knows we are burdened. He isn’t giving this invitation to a select few people who feel burdened, but to everyone. Jesus knows the hearts of humans, and He knows that we often live in burden, trying so hard to control our lives and universes. And, He also knows that this doesn't bring anything good into our worlds. 

I’m a father of an 8-year-old and a 4-month-old, and my wife and I have opposite work schedules. Needless to say, when I read the first part of Matthew 11:28, my mind does a standing ovation when I read the word “rest." Sleep is a rare commodity these days for many of us. But there is a weight that sinks deeper than simple lack of sleep. So often, I burden myself with the cares and anxieties of life. Am I doing well enough? Do people like me? Am I seen as a good dad, employee, leader, Christian? So many burdens of responsibility and weights of expectation begin to fill my heart like a steel brick, and the balancing act begins. If I just keep it all together, if people see me succeeding, if I minimize where I’m weak and hide my rough edges, then maybe I won’t be a bum, maybe I’ll be worth other people's praises and affection. Maybe, I’m trying to convince myself more than others…

I love that Jesus offers us a better way.

We can carry the weight of His love, His goodness, His mercy, His grace. He believes in you, He has hope for you, He endured for you; when we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). The word “yoke” in that verse is in reference to a tool used to connect two animals, so that together, their work would be productive and fruitful. Jesus is saying that, with Him, we can bear a new weight together, a weight of eternal love and rest. That burden is light because He’s done all the hard work for us. In Him, we are truly known and accepted. We are counted righteous before we have attained righteousness. We are loved before we’ve made ourselves lovable. We are accepted even when the world says we're unacceptable. And we are liked before we’ve proven anything to anyone.

What a freeing truth. 

Jesus stands with arms open. The invitation is there. We only need to accept it. What burdens do you carry? What weights do you bear? What keeps you from trusting Jesus? Don’t walk that tightrope any further. Come off the wire and find the firm foundation of God’s love and rest.
Take a few minutes and think on this truth alone. Take note of one thing God is speaking to you as you process Christ’s invitation to find rest by coming to Him.

My prayer for each student and parent at NCCS:
I pray over your life this week. May God give you His peace beyond understanding and give you eyes to see Him at work and ears to hear His voice. I pray that the Holy Spirit would work in your heart and convict you where you are unnecessarily burdened. I pray that you would find a deeper trust in Jesus, a daily trust resting on what He's done for us on the cross. Dear Lord, help us all return to you. You alone hold the keys to the way of life. Amen.

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