Upper School E-news - May 2018

NCCS Announces Academy Acceptances
Congratulations to the following students that have been accepted into Upper School Academies for the 2018-2019 school year. These students will join a great community of other students already involved in robust programs in our Academy of The Arts, The Academy of Business, The Academy of Counseling, Ministry, and Education, The Academy of Exercise and Sport Science and our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Academy. We will have many more acceptances as the Spring Registration period continues to unfold. If you would like to learn more about the Academies at North Cobb Christian School, click here or contact Upper School Principal Megan Strange.

Please join us in congratulating these new Academy students:

Academy of Business

Will Bare
William Bradley
Jacob Busch
Madeline Butler
Daniel Clark
Connor Constantine
Gabriel Costa
Colby Glosson
Abigail Hart
Noelle Kerr
Caitlin O'Brien
Hoke Phillips
Maika Takemoto
Nicholas Williams

Academy of Counseling, Ministry, and Education
Jordan Bailey

Academy of Exercise and Sport Science
Carson Fant
Caitlin Morning

STEM Academy
Avery Bayes
Lukas Farris
Ella Lawson
Alex Mamula
Victoria Poe
Brad Scott
Arta Tabrizi

Academy of the Arts

Visual Arts
Natalie Byrd
Anneka Clingman
Pearson Fendley
Bailey Wells
Kara West
Vocal Arts
Parker Coleman
Mariah Fung-A-Wing

Theatre Arts
Elizabeth Hicks
Mason Morrow
Rebecca VanKirk
Tony Yang

If you have any questions about our outstanding NCCS Academies Program, please contact the Upper School office. We love the opportunity to partner with our students to help them see God's calling on their lives as they challenge themselves to a rigorous course of study in a particular area of interest.

Students of Outstanding Character
by Isabella Moore, 11th grade

National Honor Society consists of high school students who possess qualities found in four criteria--leadership of their peers, service to the community, outstanding character, and academic achievements. The NHS is responsible for events throughout the year, and each student must work and complete four events to continue in the society. This year, NHS members have participated in seventeen events, including Books for Africa, Must Ministries, Blessed Weekend, Etowah Valley Humane Society, and the Pumpkin Patch. The two main events that NHS are responsible for is Serve Saturday and the American Red Cross Blood Drive. Serve Saturday is a monthly event hosted by Crosspoint City Church in Cartersville that consists of a Street Store with clothing and general household products which are given out to the Allatoona community around the Red Top Mountain area. The blood drive was a two-day event this year and was held at the Rosenwald Community Building in Acworth. It was run by Vice President Gabi Merced who brought some fresh ideas to the table. The drive was a huge success as we collected 169 pints of blood, and this was in spite of the bad storm on the first day. President of NHS Will Marquess tells us that, “It was a pleasure to lead the National Honor Society. I enjoyed this leadership opportunity to serve the community around us.”
The NHS students did a great job serving the NCCS community this year.

Advisory Groups; A Place to Build Friendship
by Isabella Moore, 11th gradeAdvisoryWeb

Advisory groups are held frequently during chapel time or at lunch. Each student is assigned an advisory group for all four years of high school so that the same teacher and students will play a part in impacting each others’ lives year after year. I personally have enjoyed my time in Mrs. Timms’ advisory group and always look forward to the next meeting. We have had many conversations pertaining to the chapel prior to the meeting or about things that are plaguing our life. I’ve grown closer to the girls in my group and to our leader, Mrs. Timms. I’ve seen how similar we all can be and the differences that make us unique. It’s always comforting to be able to hear what everyone is struggling with and knowing that we are all going through some of the same things together - and Mrs. Timms always helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel! Each meeting is different--one week we will be stressing about grades and school, and the next we will be laughing about the most random things. I appreciate the fact that our school gives us the opportunity to make these connections with other students and to be able to take some time during chapel or lunch to hangout and talk within our groups. I think the reason I love my advisory group so much is because I have so many friends in the group. I had friends going into it freshman year, but as the years have gone on, I have become friends with all the other girls as well. It helps that freshman year Mrs. Timms forced us to talk because she refused to sit in silence the whole time, and now, two years later, we can’t seem to stop talking! I think advisory groups are a gift, and I’m saddened to think that next year is my last year with these lovely ladies.

A Connection that Can Reach Across the World
by Kate Cunningham, 11th gradeSTReeceWeb

Spring Term has a certain way of changing something in your heart and building everlasting connections. A certain junior, Reese Ballard, has gone to Haiti for three years and plans to continue his tradition and go his senior year. He shares, “I feel like God was calling me to serve in Haiti throughout my high school career. I feel like I can make a big impact there for the betterment of the community. I love interacting with the kids and knowing that it is making as big of an impact on them as it is on me.” Reese loves spending time with the kids, playing games such as rock, paper, scissors. He has made a special connection with a thirteen-year-old boy named Jefferson and Reese feels God intentionally put Jefferson in his path. Reese and Jefferson shared a special friendship immediately. Jefferson spoke english rather well, which made it easier for these two to get to know each other. They spent a lot of time playing soccer, and Reese recalls that Jefferson was “very good” and would always beat him. Reese was humbled that he would have such a great opportunity to build a true connection with someone like this and he is so thankful for the opportunity to make these friendships and everlasting connections, and cannot wait to be back in Haiti next year to see Jefferson again!

Play Like A Girl
by Abby Knapp, 12th grade



In keeping with NCCS tradition, the Upper School recently held its annual Powder Puff Football Game! Teams were split by grade and girls took the field to win the championship. While the girls played, the boys had the opportunity to either be cheerleaders or coaches. Powder Puff is a yearly activity that is by far one of the favorites for the girls and boys. This year, the junior class won again, defending their title from last year. As if playing the other grades wasn’t enough, the winning team also played the Staff Team!!! Senior Rachel Tate said, “Powder Puff is a fun experience that the girls really take seriously. The weeks leading up to the game were actually filled with practices and learning plays. Even though the seniors didn’t win, it was a great memory I’ll have forever!” Everyone gets into the spirit of things for Powder Puff, rivaling the energy of Friday Night Lights.



A Trip into the World of Sports

by Isabella Moore, 11th gradeSportsMgtWeb

One of the field trips that the Sports Management class was able to take was a tour of the new Suntrust Park facility. Coach Kristy Sanders, the teacher of sports management, tells us that this trip was a cool opportunity to relate information that they learned in class to real life situations. While they were at Suntrust, they were able to have a Q&A time with the Digital Marketing Director of the Atlanta Braves. She gave them some insight on how her career path lead her to this job. She encouraged the students to start volunteering now in different sports-related careers, as this simple task provided so many opportunities for her in her future. She also strongly encouraged the students to start networking because many unexpected jobs arise through contacts. Coach Sanders tells us that the importance of this trip was to expose the students to a variety of jobs and personnel in the “sports world.” The trip gave them a wider lens to see what other job opportunities are out there for someone interested in the area of sports management. This trip helped further direct the students paths, from just wanting to be in “sports” to having a career to follow in the future.

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