Lower School E-news - May 2018

Kindergarten Plant Exploration

Kindergarten students enjoyed learning about plants and how plants grow during a recent unit study. Kindergarten teacher Hannah Pointer says, “The first week, we focused on the needs of a plant. We planted grass seeds and conducted an experiment to test which needs were critical for grass to grow. In three cups we withheld one essential need as our test cups: no water, no sun, no soil. After studying what a plant needs to grow (water, soil, sun, and space), we broke apart real flowers and examined each piece and its importance to the plant. We made a crown showing each step of the life cycle of a plant, watched a Brainpop video and sang a song to remember the steps.” Studying the cycle of plants allowed the kindergarteners to realize that God has designed everything in such detail. God has made everything is great design and it is amazing to understand that even the cycle of a flower can be done so meticulously. The unit provided kindergarteners to see learn about God’s intricate plans and greatness in all that He creates.

Seesaw App Provides a Glimpse into the Classroomseesaw

This is the second year that the Lower School has been using the Seesaw app, which is an interactive app that allows teachers to post photos of the students throughout the day for parents to see. NCCS parent Sara King says, “What I love about Seesaw is that even though I work, I am still able to see what my child is learning and doing in her classroom.” Parents love this app because it allows them to feel like they know exactly what is going on in the classroom. In the older grades, teachers also allow their students to post a photo of an activity they did in class to explain to their parents. Seesaw is a great way for parents, teachers, and students to actively share in classroom experiences and parents especially enjoy getting to be a part of their children’s school day.

The Poetry CafePoetryWeb

Third grade hosted its first poetry cafe for parents to come and enjoy a fun-filled night with students reciting poetry that they had written The hallway was decorated with twinkling lights and parents enjoyed cafe style seating, and some baked treats. The 3rd graders chose a poem to recite from one of three poetry styles - Free Verse, Haiku, and Five Senses. After choosing their style, students wrote an original poem and practiced diligently in order to read them aloud at the Poetry Cafe. Sharing about the poetry project and special night, Mrs. Wilczynski said, “Students engaged in presenting original works, public speaking, and sharing time with their parents to exhibit their skills. We also offered an opportunity for parents and students to create a Noun Poem together and then present that during the Open Mic section of the evening. Our students are much more engaged with reading poetry and have a renewed interest and understanding of the genre, thanks to this special night.”

Alumna Returns to NCCS Kindergarten

Pointer HannahHannah Pointer, NCCS Class of 2013, was given the opportunity to come back and teach kindergarten at NCCS beginning in August 2017. Hannah says that when she was a student at NCCS, she loved the biblical foundation that she was given and as a result of that foundation, one of the things she loves about teaching is to be able to integrate the bible into what she teaches in her classroom. Hannah loves that as a teacher she now gets to provide what she was given when she was a student at NCCS. Regarding teaching at her alma mater, Hannah says, “NCCS is my home. I’m so thankful for the incredible love and support that the faculty and parents have shown me. You can tell that God is doing big things here!” About teaching Hannah says, “I love celebrating the little light bulb moments when my students understand new material for the first time or learn to read.” She loves helping her students and she is looking forward to entering her second year at NCCS in the fall.

History Comes to LifeWaxMuseumWeb

On a special Friday in early May, the NCCS gym transformed into a “Wax Museum” filled with famous people from the past and present. Explaining this favorite fourth grade yearly event, Julie Bare says, “Students read a biography of choice. Then they wrote a paragraph summary of that person's life. Using our Seesaw app, students recorded their presentation and teachers made the presentations into QR codes for visitors to scan on the day of the Wax Museum.” The students invited their friends and family to visit the “museum” and loved having the opportunity to make their various characters come to life through their costumes and recorded life summaries.

Special Chapel Guest



The Lower School welcomed a special guest to the campus for a fun chapel in April. Ty Rumble and Company is a father and his four kids who are combining scriptures, rap, and old hymns to share the love of Jesus with kids. Mrs. Titus says, “Ty Rumble has written songs that give children the ability to memorize scripture, put hymns to a beat they enjoy, and have some fun in the process.” Mrs. Titus’ favorite aspect of the chapel was that Ty is on this journey of spreading the God’s Love with his kids as part of his ministry. (He has three sons and a daughter; the youngest is four, and the oldest is eleven.) The Lower School loved this chapel because it was hands on and they were able to dance and sing together!


Third Grade Travels to LegolandLegolandWeb

NCCS third graders enjoyed a trip to Legoland during April. Third grade teacher Heather Collins shared, “The goal of our trip to the Legoland Discovery Center was to enhance our study of reading and writing . Students built and told a story using LEGO bricks. They literally built their characters, setting, and plot using LEGO elements. Then, they retold their story with the group using descriptive details. They also explored other areas of the Legoland Discovery Center which included a Pirate Island Playground, Merlin's Adventure Ride, Kingdom Quest Laser Ride, a 4D movie, a Ninjago experience, and Miniland exploration area.” The students loved being able to make their own stories at Legoland and the teachers loved how creative their students were able to be using the resources and activities at Legoland.

K5 Explores God's Creation

Kindergarten classes enjoyed a field trip to the Atlanta Zoo where they explored God’s creation and all of the many animals He has created for us to enjoy. Mrs. Dixon said, “They LOVED seeing all of the animals! We did an animal scavenger hunt. They had to find animals with feathers, animals with fur, animals that lived in the water, etc. They enjoyed completing their scavenger hunt sheet.” They enjoyed seeing the tigers, giraffes, and especially the baby gorillas. Mrs. Dixon’s favorite thing about the field trip was being able to see the students’ reactions to all of the animals and the students enjoyed soaking in God’s creations all around them at the zoo.

RISE Makes the Ocean Come AliveRiseOcean1Web

Students from the RISE classes traveled to Cartersville Artist in You, which is a do-it- yourself art studio. Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Rheinscheld took their 2nd-4th grade RISE students to this art studio so that students could paint on canvas representations of what they have been learning in the classroom. Mrs. Rheinscheld said, “We’ve been learning about how islands are formed, cultures on different islands, food sources, weather, various island animals and ecosystems, and types of islands.” The students each got their own canvas and painted a beach scene which they were allowed to take home with them. The teachers loved seeing the students creativity come to life. Mrs. Rheinscheld also said, “We all painted the same scene, but every painting was different because each student put their own touch on it. Reminds me that God created us all so unique!” This amazing experience allowed the students to connect a visual to what they learned in class.RiseOcean3Web











Lower School E-news articles written by Upper School Journalism student Lily King, 10th grade

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