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October 3, 2018 | by Megan Strange, US Principal 

North Cobb Christian School TimothyProgram.jpgThis week, we celebrated one of the most special days of the school year at North Cobb Christian School: the kickoff of our Timothy Program, which serves K5 through 12th grade students. In alignment with our heartfelt commitment to developing the whole student -- mind, body and spirit -- NCCS launched the Timothy Program five years ago as a means to pair older student volunteers with younger students for mentoring, encouragment, tutoring, and all-around support. Just as "iron sharpens iron," our students have this opportunity to sharpen and grow from each other. 

Mentor / mentee pairs for the 2018-19 year were revealed this week -- but not before MUCH prayer, recruiting, training and communicating went into the process by our amazing team of school counselors.

Trust me when I say that a lot of prayer goes into the pairing of students. So, to see the pairs meet each other for the first time was so very special. 

If you're unfamiliar with NCCS's Timothy Program, here are some quick facts for you: 

Q: What grade levels can be Timothy Program mentors?
A: Grades 9 - 12 can serve as mentors. 

Q: What grade levels can be mentees?
A: Students in grades K5 - 8th are traditionally the mentees, although we have occasionally had a 9th grader.

Q: How often do the pairs meet?
A: Pairs meet once a week for an hour throughout the school year. The mentor plans the meeting time and day with the parent, so it fits both of their schedules. This scheduling typically occurs during the Reveal Breakfast.

Q: How many students are participating this year?
A: This year, our counselors were able to create 57 mentor/mentee pairings, involving 114 students. 

Q: Who is the point of contact for the program? 
A: For questions regarding the Timothy Program at North Cobb Christian School, contact Emily Siller, Upper School Counselor, or any of our NCCS counselors. 

NorthCobbChristianSchool_Preschool_High School_TimothyI wanted to share this amazing program with you simply because of something I'm always struck by on the reveal day. I'm always so moved to see a HUGE group of Upper School students who have signed up to spend 30-plus hours this year investing into our younger students. It's such an incredible commitment and opportunity for them, as well as for the younger students they will be serving.

As our mentors paraded into the room at this week's breakfast and began diving into meaningful conversations with their mentees, I was also struck by this: The reason they know how to do this great, important work is because of their amazing parents -- and also because of our TEACHERS. Our teachers spend each day, every day, modeling what it looks like to pour into others and demonstrating the value in authentic connection. And, you know what? Our students are paying attention - to the point that they can turn around and make the same impact on other students' lives. They are really getting it!

God is doing something really special across our school from K5 through 12th grade, and it's a beautiful cycle to see unfold. 

North Cobb Christian School Timothy Program Mentoring 


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