Spring Term 2019 Update

This is what life change looks like ... this is how high school should be done ... and this is why North Cobb Christian School alumni repeatedly say that NCCS Spring Term is the most impactful experience they've ever had. 

Our Upper School Spring Term teams are having an absolutely, unequivocally, undeniably AMAZING time this week on trips all around the globe, from Appalachia to Ecuador, and D.C. to the Dominican Republic! If you are not following the Facebook group, we HIGHLY encourage you to join Facebook (It's free! It's easy!) and join the group HERE. This is our first year using this platform for sharing, and it has irrefutably multiplied the amount of photos shared, perspectives gleaned, and connections made this week. We encourage our entire NCCS family to please join this group if you haven't!


If you have joined the FB group and want to quickly find a specific team:

1. From a smartphone: click the Albums tab on the group page, and you can select a specific album.

2. From your desktop, you'll find the direct link to the Albums page HERE.

Most group leaders are posting daily updates in the captions of the photos. It has been POWERFUL to follow along with these adventures real-time!


First and foremost, all teams are safe, sound, healthy and happy! {{Thank you, God, for your continued protection and blessing on our children and leaders!}} Here is a recent update on our 20 teams so far, in the words of the group leaders:


Lots of hard work and fellowship! During day one on the job site in Kentucky, we worked on building a railing in the rain. Then we helped unload a shipment of lumber at the “barn." Day two, we made more progress on the railing and continued to master sawing and drilling, as well as digging a hole for a post. Beautiful weather for day two!

A few other highlights: We were also on kitchen duty our first night, and our guys went above and beyond! Our team is putting in a new floor in the home of a 91-year-old man who still lives alone, plants a garden, and gets around pretty well. We are so proud of our team. Every day, we hear of their hard work and great attitudes from those we are serving, as well as from a senior adult team here with us from N.C. Our students are amazing! 


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Bahamas_NCCS Upper School Best Private High School Atlanta Cobb

Exploring the natural life on Eleuthera. Frogs and spiders are happy to hang out in the girls' bathroom. That's okay, because Madison is a frog whisperer! Climbing out of caves and the Eno village is a favorite on the island. We happened to join the Global Outreach church on their youth day of service, during which their youth danced, played a skit and lead worship. The pastor invited our youth to come up and join in on the prayer over the youth and blessing.

Our seniors are doing an amazing job of leading this week. They have created small groups, and they are taking on the responsibility of caring for their group. At night, each team competes in a game and then heads out with small groups to debrief. The Lord is moving and working through these amazing senior leaders. Spending time with them this week has been a blessing!

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Our overview of Batman’s history led into viewing Batman Begins, the first film of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The story relates how Bruce Wayne confronts his fear of bats and transforms it into a persona to bring justice to a crime-ridden city.

After a delicious lunch at Doro’s Italian Restaurant, we went into a rich discussion centered around the week’s two foci: how Batman gives us a picture of Christ, and how Batman gives us a picture of culture.

Some of the more salient comments students made about how Batman gives us a picture of Christ:

  • Batman comes to the people of Gotham in time of crisis to solve a problem that doesn’t belong to him; since Jesus also entered into chaos that wasn’t his fault, we also ought to meet other people even in their disorder in order to help them.
  • The people of Gotham largely reject Batman, but he helps them anyway; likewise Jesus was rejected by the very people he came to save (John 1:11). We may also be rejected by the people we try to help, but we should help them anyway as ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor. 5:20).

Many thanks to the Batman men for a fine day of using Batman to grow in Jesus and into Jesus for our joy and the joy of others!



Carolina Culture

Our students have enjoyed amazing BBQ, hands-on painting experiences, art museum tours, lessons in hand-crafted chocolate, and glassblowing!! Add in panoramic mountain views and leisure time at our cabin, and it's been a GREAT week, so far! 

Carolina Culture2

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College Tour

College Tour is off to a great start! Began at the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall Football Museum in Athens. Delivered food donations to UGA’s Student Led Food Pantry where approximately 100 students a day drop in. Then, got an official campus tour. Day two included Augusta University and University of South Carolina. And, of course, we had to stop and do a little racing, too!

CollegeTour Spring Term2019

College Tour3

College Tour2


Dominican Republic

We spent the morning in the villages installing water filters for the communities that are so in need of clean water. More to come, but it was AMAZING to see the love our @nccseagles students as they poured into these families. I’m so amazed. 

In the afternoon, our students played HARD with the kids as they were let out of school. Phew! They’ve got some serious energy! And so do our kids!!! And after all the hard work, we spent the evening splashing in the ocean. What a day! 

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This morning in Quito included sunshine, cool breezes, and birds chirping. We continue to be so blessed by how beautiful this country is! Everyone hopped on the bus at 7:30am to head to FUNAPACE for breakfast. Our kids were awesome welcoming the FUNAPACE kids and helping everyone get settled in their classrooms for the day. Our crew broke up into 4 teams for the morning: Landscape Crew, Painting Crew, Cobweb Crew, and Hang out with Kids Crew. We made a ton of progress this morning in the projects they had for us. As always, our work included lots of singing and laughing...and at least a handful of bandaids.

Mid-morning, we were invited to visit Adaptive PE and music time. Super cool to see all that this school offers for these precious kids. Our kids joined in the games, and Seth and Sam even got to help with the trampoline therapy time. Several of our team got to help take the kids to the cafeteria and assist with lunch.

Once at the church, we broke into four new teams: Light Team, Window Team, Children’s Ministry Team, and Chair Team. The goal of all of our projects was to help spruce things up at the church so they could be more of a resource to the community in their surrounding neighborhood. Again...everyone jumped right in. Turns out Chloe and Jake are quite good at installing lighting, and some of the other kids are great at upholstery! Parents...they will be ready to show off their new skills when they return home! 

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Florida: Baseball

Baseball ST19_NorthCobb Christian School_Top High School Baseball Team

Today was a special day for the Baseball Spring Term Team. We started by serving one of our own...Coach Gil. Navarro. He and his wife have had a long year and their yard needed some TLC. Coach Navarro is an amazing inspiration of grit and toughness for our team, so to be able to give a little back to him and his family meant a lot to us.

After lunch, the Eagles took 2 wins against Mt. Zion for some big region action. It was a beautiful day and we are blessed to play this game, especially at NCCS. After the games, we boarded the buses and have arrived safely in Valdosta! Everyone is in bed and we will be up early to finish our trip to Orlando where more Spring Term adventure awaits! #nccsbaseball


Golden Isles

Spanish moss, bike riding, ocean waves, a seaside history lesson ... what a great time our students are having exploring this golden nook of our own home state!  Today we explored Jekyll Island by bike and on foot. The guys spent the morning on the golf course with Coach Speck and then joined the girls later in the day for a dolphin tour. We were blessed to see quite a few dolphins and even some other rare wildlife. Some of the girls rented bikes and spent the morning cruising Jekyll and others went for a walk on the beach and walked through the Oceanside Village. The day ended well with a oceanside meal at The Wharf Restaurant. Tomorrow we look forward to visiting some historical sites and learning about our country's history!!

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Day 4 @ Hope for Guatemala: We woke up with a BANG this morning! A tree fell down and knocked out the power for at least 10 hours. At least it was a beautiful day, as we were outside with the children and working on projects! A group of guys and Mr. McCormack went to the market to get produce for the ministry. They were gone most of the day, and had some stories to tell when they returned! We have been eating a lot and getting spoiled by the homemade corn tortillas and amazing food.

The students are really making some good connections with the children and are using their Spanish to communicate. (They are so excited to share their Spanish conversations with me!) The students are doing an amazing job serving here!

Guatemala NCCS





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As we close out this amazing Tuesday, day #5 here in Hawai’i, I am in just in awe of God!!! He has done great things and continues to show himself to us in and throughout every step of our journey!

We began our day with a little extra time to sleep in - such a blessing - and then on to University of Hawai’i. At noon our Instrumental and Choral workshops began with two amazing directors, Professor Joseph Stepec worked with the band and orchestra students while Assistant Professor Jace Saplan shared with the vocal students. Oh my goodness, what fun and oh such an amazing opportunity for these students!!!

From there we traveled through and around Honolulu to the Ala Moana mall - the country’s largest open air mall. The students gave an awesome performance on the Centerstage! Wow!!! People were watching from three different levels, sitting down on benches to listen, riding the escalator up and down while videoing - just an amazing turnout!


How You Doin?

The How You Doin’? team is exploring life through themes of sitcoms! We started the morning with the sitcom theme “getting in trouble” and watched how that evolved over the decades. Then we headed to Stars and Strikes for pizza, bowling, and the arcade. 

We have also been making Walmart and Target runs for the Acworth Elementary backpack program. What a fun time exploring and serving the world around us through a unique perspective! 

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Local Missions: Atlanta

Our students are serving in our own area and being the hands and feet of Jesus! The Atlanta team spent one day serving local widows by cleaning up their yards. From weed pulling to raking up leaves to spreading pine straw... this crew worked hard and blessed several people in a big way.

Yesterday was spent at Re-Threads in Carrollton... Be sure to ask these wonderful kids about the DriButts story. Incredible what Michael Wahl and his mission group is doing. Now these students can truly say that they are a part of keeping little bottoms clean and dry around the world...

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Local Missions: Cobb

Today, the Local Missions: Cobb team had the privilege of serving at Rise Against Hunger. We were able to spend our entire day providing thousands of meals through filling bags with life-saving nutrition for people who are hungry across the globe.

We also set up pallets that will be delivered to churches, so they can put together more meals for even more people. Impactful day serving our own community! 

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Proverbs 3130

From biking to horseback riding to zip-lining through the forest, our girls are learning principles of what it means to be a strong, wise woman after God's own heart. Proverbs 31:17: "She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong." 

Zip-lining across treetop expanses encouraged the girls to see that their strength is in God, not self. True trust was displayed! 

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 We started out by stopping to look at the three bridges spanning the Firth of Forth. Our next stop was Dunfermline Abbey and Pittencrieff Park—a real hidden gem! Our final destination was St. Andrews, where we explored the ruined cathedral, the pier, and the golf course. After some shopping in Edinburgh we are resting up for our last-day trip to Stirling. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Snowbird Day 3 - Praising and worshiping Jesus started our day. Our hearts were open to hear the message from Mark 5, which reminded us of God’s incomprehensible power. We enjoyed free time and lunch together. For our recreation time, we had a blast during the paintball games.

The evening message from Isaiah 53 about how God’s “righteous servant will justify many, and carry their iniquities” was a powerful message of the gospel. After the service, the students went to their small groups to break down the message. Tomorrow, we will serve the Snowbird ministry by repairing several cabins!



Washington, D.C.

NCCS_WashingtonD.C._SpringTerm_Top Private School Cobb County

Tuesday night the NCCSST19 DC crew had a delicious dinner and then went on a “Moonlight” tour! Supper was at the renowned Carmine’s Italian Restaurant. Salad, garlic bread, spaghetti, chicken parmesan, and strawberry shortcake were the staples of the meal. A relaxing time of food and fellowship followed.

After everyone had indulged in dining, we headed out on a bus tour of D.C. buildings and monuments. HW (he said it stood for Hard Working) was our driver, and he briefed us on our tour and then drove us around and narrated the ride. A very entertaining and informative tour, courtesy of HW!

A special side note of thanks to Andrea Ferguson for helping coordinate our trip! Her helpful guidance and planning has helped us out greatly!

Xtreme Men

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We have gone "off the grid" without leaving our own area ... and are having an absolute blast!! We've been hiking, playing paint ball, exploring Petty John's Cave, swimming, camping and more. Such a great week of adventure and authentic connection. 

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Thanks for your continued support and prayers! Keep lifting up these teams!


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