Spring Term 2018 Perspectives & Blogs

ST18“Spring terms are full of growth, new friendships, and unforgettable experiences.”
- NCCS senior Katelyn McClendon - London Team

"It has been a truly life-altering trip. I am so extremely thankful to the school, our parents, and the Hope For Guatemala ministry for allowing us to be able to come to this beautiful place. It was amazing to see how happy and genuine all of these people are, despite their situations at home. These people understand the importance of finding our joy in the Lord and not in material items - a concept we Americans too often forget."
- NCCS senior Miranda Phillips - Guatemala Team

"Walking in some of the worst parts of Atlanta, we saw many homeless and less fortunate people. Though some were homeless, they had joy in their spirits and so appreciated our love and prayers. I loved seeing my classmates step up and be the hands and feet and voices for Christ."
- NCCS freshman Rachel Turnbough - Local Missions: Cobb Team

"Haiti has clearly shown me the truth behind the statement 'home is where the heart is.' I have considered it a privilege to see the hearts of so many families that hardly have a physical home. While the homes of many Haitian families are minimal, I am so inspired by their faith that the Lord has already prepared a magnificent home for them in eternity."
- NCCS senior Mallory Dennard - Haiti Team

"This week overall has shown me how blessed I am to be living in the United States, as I have seen much poverty. Having hot water, a nice roof over our heads, toilets that flush, air conditioning and plenty of food is something we as Americans take for granted. Despite all this, the Cuban people are very proud and always have smiles on their faces. They are very appreciative and thankful to God for all of their blessings. No matter what, they remain faithful and live each day for the glory of God. This experience has opened my eyes and given me the opportunity to be a light for others despite the language barrier."
- NCCS junior Erika Garcia - Cuba Team

Spring Term 2018 was an amazing week for our 8th-12th graders! One of the things we hear the most during Spring Term each year is how much everyone enjoys reading the blogs. If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to read through the blogs found [HERE]. Many of our students have written excerpts in the blogs like the ones above and their descriptions and reflections provide great perspectives into the Spring Term experience at NCCS.


Todd Talk with Thomas Tucker - Episode #1

NCCS junior Thomas Tucker had a great conversation with Head of School Todd Clingman as they covered many interesting topics - from the spirit of the school, to Todd's favorite band, to where NCCS is headed next. Sit back, relax and enjoy Episode 1 of Todd Talk with Thomas Tucker.



New NCCS Mobile App

Download Our New Mobile App!

NCCS information is now at your fingertips with our new mobile app - available for Android and Apple devices. App features include:
- All calendarsAppHand
- Just the Facts & Eagles E-news
- RenWeb Log-in
- Staff Directory (E-mail faculty & staff directly from the app!)
- Parent resources such as FACTS log-in & payment link, textbook lists, Uniform/appearance standards, Giving link, Spring Term payment link, Naviance & more!
- Reporting an absence by recording your message into your phone mic, typing a subject and hitting send - sending the message directly from the app to our attendance e-mail!
- Access to social media sites, NCCS videos, pictures, and much more!

We think you are going to love our app, so download it right away!
IMPORTANT TIP! When you download the app, be sure to allow location services and push notifications so you don't miss any school messages or alerts.

Android (Google Play) App download information found [HERE]

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**Note for Apple device users - be sure to read the instructions on how to verify the Apple app, which is in their private app store.

STAR Students Named

Congratulations to seniors Adam Doughty and Gracie Johnson who tied for the honor to represent NCCS as our STAR students this year! Adam chose Upper School Math teacher Josh Speck as his STAR teacher and Gracie chose Upper School English teacher Amber Timms as her STAR teacher. We are so proud of Adam and Gracie!


AdamDoughty GracieAdam GracieJohnson



NCCS Announces NEW Junior Kindergarten Class

NCCS is excited to announce a new Junior Kindergarten class starting in the 2018-2019 school year.  This new class will provide a bridge between preschool and kindergarten for children who may need a little more time to develop a strong beginning foundation. Our Junior Kindergarten program is designed to ensure that all students have the skills and confidence they need to achieve their full potential the following year in kindergarten.

Young students are naturally curious and thrive in an engaging learning environment that fosters their innate sense of wonder. In light of this truth, our Junior Kindergarten provides rich, hands-on learning experiences for young students to actively investigate and discover God’s world. Our goal is to meet the developmental needs of these students by focusing on the whole child. Daily opportunities will be provided for students to grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

This new class is designed for:
- A young 5 (especially those with late spring & summer birthdays)
- NEW students who need transition time due to little to no school experience
- Our current students who need one extra year
- Students who come with different levels of exposure to school and life experiences

Junior Kindergarten provides:
- A strong foundation that focuses on the whole child
- Listening and Speaking skills
- Fine and Gross Motor skills
- Executive Functioning skills
- Critical Thinking skills
- Emotional Regulation/Maturity
- Confidence while enhancing Self Esteem
- Advanced skills in pre-academic areas
- Focus on strong number sense and early literacy
- Time to become accustomed to a classroom
- Time to learn how to play with others
- A full day, academic program
- A blend of play and academic structure

Teachers work with students to develop:
- Creative thinking
- Confidence
- Problem solving
- Curiosity, not frustration
- Decision making
- Emotional regulation
- Collaborative activities
- Physical Development
- School readiness

Students are given:
- Gift of time to gain confidence
- More structure in a learning atmosphere
- Opportunity to dig deeper
- Time to develop mental and physical stamina to achieve tasks and access to maximum learning
- Stepping stones into the world of academics
- Focus on individual, small group and whole group learning
- Challenges to spark innovation

The NCCS Junior Kindergarten program will work to challenge and support students all within the context of a safe and caring learning environment. Enrichment is provided throughout the week in music, library, physical education, Spanish and weekly chapels. Our desire is to partner with parents to help each child develop into the child of God he/she is to become.

If you have questions about this new Junior Kindergarten class, please contact Wendy Titus, Lower School Principal

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