The NCCS Academies at Our Private School in Cobb County

NCCS offers five Academies, which are like magnet programs for Upper School students to take a deep dive into an area of study.

Two NCCS students are awarded for their stunning artworks.

We believe that God gives each person unique talents and abilities, for His glory and for the good of others.

At NCCS, we guide our students to discover these gifts and passions — and to begin to unearth the specific calling God has for their lives.

Our Academies program, exclusive to NCCS, allows Upper School students to select one of five tracks, equivalent to magnet programs, giving them the opportunity to build an academic and real-world foundation in their areas of interest. Academies in our high school curriculum include the Academy of the Arts; the Academy of Business; the STEM Academy; the Academy of Counseling, Ministry and Education; and the Academy of Exercise and Sports Science.

“Being able to pick an educational track that lines up with my interests is a unique opportunity that most high schools don’t offer. It’s really rewarding to take courses that build towards my future.”

NCCS Student


The Academy of the Arts

With options in Visual Arts, Vocal Arts, Instrumental Arts, and Theatre Arts, Upper School students who successfully pass an audition specifically designed for their discipline are invited to join an Academy.

These four arts tracks provide formal instruction, real-world context, and next-level performance experiences to further develop and hone student gifts, skills, and technical mastery. 

Acworth Day of Prayer where the NCCS Mastery Orchestra played.

The Academy of Business

Each student is uniquely made (Psalms 139:14) and given specific gifts (Romans 12:6) for the building up of Christ’s body. The Academy of Business helps students discover those gifts, and then, through prayerful discernment, explore career options where those gifts can bring benefit to others, as well as financial reward and life satisfaction (Ecclesiastes 3:13). Through designated classes, internships, and exposure to corporate arenas, the Academy of Business prepares students to become innovators and thought leaders in the realm of business.

Students in the NCCS Business Academy learn coffee roasting from Apotheos Roastery in Kennesaw.

The STEM Academy

The STEM Academy is a rigorous program designed to prepare students to pursue advanced degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Depending on their God-given talents and interests, students can focus their chosen electives in medicine, engineering, technology, mathematics, or science fields. Students complete a research course sophomore year, an internship junior year, and a capstone project their senior year. Our STEM Academy students continually empathize with real-world problems, research possibilities, and create iterative solutions that have the potential to impact the world.

The Academy of Counseling, Ministry and Education

The Academy of Counseling, Ministry and Education (ACME) prepares students who are called to people-oriented and relationally centered careers. The curriculum provides a biblical foundation while equipping students with knowledge of people’s functions, thoughts and behaviors (psychology); impact on society (sociology); and foundational beliefs (philosophy). Through advanced courses of study, students investigate foundations, methodologies and opportunities in people-oriented fields. ACME launches with the teacher cadet program and culminates in a senior internship, where students gain real-world experience in a personally tailored environment while exploring their gifts and callings.

College Counseling Small Groups

The Academy of Exercise and Sports Science

The Academy of Exercise and Sports Science is designed for students interested in sports management and athletic-related careers. With a course of study that covers both the business aspects and the healthcare side of fitness professions, students glean foundational knowledge and exposure to take them to the next level.

Students wrap an ankle as part of the Academy of Exercise and Sport Science.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Psalm 139:14



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General Academy Inquires:

Chip Houston, Ed.D. | Assistant Head of School 

Megan Strange, Ed.S. | Upper School Principal

Academy-Specific Questions: 

Academy of Business
Ryan Moore 

Academy of Counseling, Ministry, and Education
Rachel Hedges, J.D.

Academy of Exercise and Sport Science
Kristy Sanders

The STEM Academy
Josh Speck 

Academy of the Arts: 
Mrs. Megan Pruitt | Director of the Arts + Instrumental
Mrs. Angela Baddock | Instrumental
Mr. Matthew Hendrix | Theatrical
Mr. Nate Rupp | Visual Arts
Mrs. Amy Wallace | Vocal Arts