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Given the changing landscape of college admissions, North Cobb Christian School recognizes the importance of equipping students with the information needed to navigate this critical process successfully. Beginning in 9th grade, students at NCCS are provided with a wide range of services, support and guidance through the College Counseling department. Services include informational meetings, private visits with college representatives, college tours, ACT and SAT practice sessions, and one-on-one assistance with applications and scholarships.

It’s our goal to help students and families make well-informed decisions regarding college, and to ensure that the institution of their choice will be a suitable fit academically, culturally and financially. In short, we connect students with their ideal next steps beyond NCCS, so they can reach their full potential in Christ. 

The NCCS College Counseling Approach

At NCCS, our college counseling department excels at getting to know each student personally, guiding them to diligently and prayerfully seek the best next steps for them, individually. Our team walks students through the entire college and career process, from talent and interest discovery to gathering transcripts and reference letters to scholarship applications to completing college applications. We guide our students every step of the way, which is why NCCS has a 100-percent graduation rate and 100-percent college acceptance rate. 

College Counseling Programs + Resources


Ensuring college readiness. 

To maximize student participation, decision-making and understanding of career pathways, students at NCCS utilize a college readiness program called Naviance. This comprehensive solution is a key component of the college application process, particularly as students move into their senior year. While Naviance allows students to compare colleges and universities, it is an exceptional tool for tracking the status of college applications and exploring scholarship opportunities. 

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After reading my first college essay, my professor asked me what high school I had attended. He said he had never seen a student more prepared for college-level English. NCCS Alumni

College Connections

Establishing relationships with colleges and universities. 

Because every student’s journey is unique, the College Counseling department at North Cobb Christian School invests ample time in coordinating events and college fairs to assist students in making connections with college representatives across the country. NCCS is pleased to host the national Christian College Fair, as well as an annual NCCS College and Career Fair in the fall. In addition, we welcome college representatives to meet with staff and students privately on campus by scheduling appointments through our online counselor community – RepVisits. Small group sessions may be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00 a.m., 10:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. College representatives that would like to schedule a visit on a Wednesday or Thursday can do so by contacting the College Counseling office at 770-975-0252, ext. 136.

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Our college counseling department at NCCS simply cannot be beat. They connect each student with the college or university that is perfect for their next step, while challenging students to think beyond their known limitations. NCCS Parent


Utilizing an individualized approach. 

North Cobb Christian School is excited to offer students a revolutionary new tool – YouScience. This robust program uses psychometrically-valid brain games to develop a unique profile for each student. The process leads to greater self-awareness and discovery of one’s God-given abilities and personality traits. Moreover, the student’s aptitudes, expressed interests and personality traits intersect to generate a composite view of best-fit careers. Not only does YouScience help students develop affirming language that highlights their assets, it allows for more strategic planning and guidance for students.

The College Counseling department understands that all students need help finding the right path. Incorporating YouScience results into the college planning process is a powerful way to engage our students and inspire confidence. NCCS is proud to offer YouScience to all high school students at no cost.

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I have two alumni who graduated from NCCS, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the school's college counseling department. They go above and beyond to ensure that students soar at the next level. NCCS Parent

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NCCS gave me the tools, the confidence, and the knowledge I needed to succeed. I will be forever grateful for the investment that my teachers and coaches made into my life. NCCS Alumni

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