Kindergarten/Jr. Kindergarten

Kindergarten & Junior Kindergarten

Kindergarten (K5)
Kindergarten is a keystone year in your child’s educational journey. It is important that the school your child attends is a good match for his or her individual needs, as well as your family’s values and priorities. North Cobb Christian School offers a private, Christian kindergarten program with nurturing teachers, hands-on activities, and a biblical foundation.

Our goal in every grade at North Cobb Christian School is to partner with parents in preparing their child to fulfill God's purpose. Our core values of love, service, responsibility, respect, and integrity encourage growth of character and leadership skills within our students.K5Class

With our kindergarten curriculum, students develop meaningful connections and understand concepts in light of God’s Word. Our K5 curriculum includes:

Bible - Activities include Scripture memorization and studying Bible characters and events. Students also explore creation, Jesus’ parables and miracles.

Phonics and Reading - Students develop phonemic awareness and increase their sound-letter knowledge to pave the way for reading and writing. Kindergarteners also learn comprehension skills, such as sequence of events, characters, and retelling.

Math - Interactive games and manipulative activities help children learn key concepts that create strong math foundations, number sense and problem-solving skills.

Science - Children learn about God’s creation, our role in caring for His world, and build the foundation for future scientific learning. Areas of exploration include plants and seeds; animals and their homes; our five senses; light and shadows; and exploration of gravity, weight, density, and measurement.

Social Studies - Kindergarten children are introduced to famous Americans, U.S. symbols, and community helpers. They also develop a basic understanding of economic principles by focusing on saving, spending, and giving.

Special Enrichment Classes  - Each week, kindergarten students experience special enrichment classes that help reinforce lessons learned throughout the curriculum. These classes include:

     Physical Education
     Spanish Language Study
     Computer Technology
     Reading Room

Junior Kindergarten 
Junior Kindergarten at NCCS provides a bridge between preschool and kindergarten for children who may need a little more time to develop a strong beginning foundation. Our Junior Kindergarten program is designed to ensure that all students have the skills and confidence they need to achieve their full potential the following year in kindergarten.

Young students are naturally curious and thrive in an engaging learning environment that fosters their innate sense of wonder. In light of this truth, our Junior Kindergarten provides rich, hands-on learning experiences for young students to actively investigate and discover God’s world. Our goal is to meet the developmental needs of these students by focusing on the whole child. Daily opportunities will be provided for students to grow intellectually, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Junior Kindergarten is designed for:
    - A young 5 (especially those with late spring & summer birthdays)
    - NEW students who need transition time due to little to no school experience
    - Our current students who need one extra year
    - Students who come with different levels of exposure to school and life experiences

Junior Kindergarten provides:
    - A strong foundation that focuses on the whole child
    - Listening and Speaking skills
    - Fine and Gross Motor skills
    - Executive Functioning skills
    - Critical Thinking skills
    - Emotional Regulation/Maturity
    - Confidence while enhancing Self Esteem
    - Advanced skills in pre-academic areas
    - Focus on strong number sense and early literacy
    - Time to become accustomed to a classroom
    - Time to learn how to play with others
    - A full day, academic program
    - A blend of play and academic structure

Students are given:
    - Gift of time to gain confidence
    - More structure in a learning atmosphere
    - Opportunity to dig deeper
    - Time to develop mental and physical stamina to achieve tasks and access to maximum learning
    - Stepping stones into the world of academics
    - Focus on individual, small group and whole group learning
    - Challenges to spark innovation

The Kindergarten program at NCCS works to challenge and support students all within the context of a safe and caring learning environment. Enrichment is provided throughout the week in music, library, physical education, Spanish and weekly chapels. Our desire is to partner with parents to help each child develop into the child of God he/she is to become.

Discover an Excellent Christian Kindergarten Education
If your family is searching for an exceptional kindergarten program, we invite you to come tour North Cobb Christian School in Kennesaw, GA. Give us a call at 770-975-0252 to schedule your visit, or request more information today.

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