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Hi, parents! This page is your primary resource to stay up to date on JK5 learning topics, assessments, upcoming events, fun campus happenings, quick links and contact information -- basically everything you need to help your junior kindergartener soar!

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Weekly Highlights

We had a spectacular week in JK5!  Thank you so much to everyone who donated items and worked so hard on their child's 100th day shirt.  You made this day so fun and special!  I was SO sad to miss it, but I loved all the pictures I saw and I can't wait to hear all about it when I return on Monday.  I hope your child had a fantastic day!

As you know, I was out sick yesterday and today.  We also have many little ones who are not feeling their best.  Please keep your sweet child home if they are not up to coming to school.  We don't want to spread germs to others and we want your child to recover quickly so they are ready to learn and play again!  

This week in our Bible lessons we learned about one of Jesus' first miracles, where he turned water into wine.  We learned that in Jesus' time, the water wasn't always clean to drink and so sometimes grown ups drank wine.  We also learned that a miracle is something that only God/Jesus can do.  The students loved it when I turned water into 'wine' in the classroom.  (There was food coloring in the cup.) It was an exciting way to retell the story and illustrate that I can't do miracles, only God can.   We know God is still doing miracles everyday! 

In math we learned about solid (3D) shapes.  
We found examples in the classroom, named them, counted the sides and corners and played with them in centers.  The students are doing a great job with shapes!

In phonics we wrapped up our looonnnng unit on letter sounds.  I am so impressed with everything the students have learned!  Next week we will start putting the sounds together to read words.  We'll focus on short a words first.  It's SO exciting to see the joy on the children's faces when they realize they are reading!  I can't wait!

Finally, in social studies, we learned about  symbols of the United States.  We watched videos and read books about the White House, the Liberty Bell, the Statue of Liberty and more.  The students love our country so much!

What We're Learning

Here is what we are learning during the week of January 30th:

Bible: Jesus feeds 5000 people

Phonics:  short a cvc words

Math:  2D and 3D shapes

Social Studies: Our Country

Sight Words

Four new sight word cards are sent home every Monday.  Add them to your child's ring of sight words and practice them each night.  Be sure to check out the packet that was sent home for lots of fun ways to practice!

Words for the week of Jan. 23: it, was, on, as

Words for the week of Jan. 30: with, they, at, this

Next sight word assessment is on Feb. 10th

Bible Verse

"...God will meet all your needs.  He will meet them...because you belong to Christ Jesus."

Philippians 4:19

Calendar graphic for important reminders.

Important Reminders


February 14 - Valentine's Day  We will celebrate God's love and our friendships!  We will exchange valentines.   You and your child can create a container for their valentines.  It can be a shoebox, a monster that eats them or anything else you can imagine, as long as your child can carry it themselves and it is school appropriate.  Please have your child address a card to every student in our class and sign them.  For your convenience a class list will come home next week.  

February 17 - End of Trimester 2

February 20-24 - Winter Break!


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