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Welcome to our Junior Kindergarten homepage!

Hi, parents! This page is your primary resource to stay up to date on JK5 learning topics, assessments, upcoming events, fun campus happenings, quick links and contact information -- basically everything you need to help your junior kindergartener soar!

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Weekly Highlights

This week we learned that Jesus was baptized.  We know that baptism is one way we show we love God and that this made God very happy!  We know we can show God we love Him and want to follow Him by being baptized too.  

Our phonics lessons focused on the letter sounds X and Y.  The students are doing a wonderful job recognizing letter sounds and writing lower case letters!  We also learned new sight words that, he, for, (and) are.  The children are pointing out their sight words in books they read more and more.  Be sure to look for them when you read together at home!

In math, we started a unit on 2D shapes.  We learned that circles have 0 corners and 0 sides, triangles have 3 corners and sides and squares have 4 corners and sides.  We found lots of 2D shapes in our classroom.  Encourage your child to point out shapes at home, expecially triangles, rectangles and rhombuses (diamonds). 

Our socal studies lessons this week were about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and our state of Georgia.  We know Dr. King wanted equality for all children and that he worked very hard to help everyone be treated fairly.  We also learned some of the state symbols for Georgia.  Look for our book about our state in your child's Friday folday!

Finally, we have many students in the birthday club!  It's not too late to join by having your child tell me their birthday before school.  Next up is the phone number club!  Help your child learn your home phone number or cell phone number and they can tell me before school.  They get so excited about joining a new club!

What We're Learning

Here are our topics for next week:

Bible:  Jesus turns water into wine

Phonics:  letter Z sound and review

Reading: responding to text, retelling stories

Math: 2D shapes 

Social Studies: Our Country 

Sight Words

The sight words coming home on Jan 24th are:

it, was, on, as

Bible Verse

Our Bible verse for the week of Jan. 24th is:

Jesus looked at them and said, "with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." 

Matthew 19:26

Calendar graphic for important reminders.

Important Reminders

 Preview Day January 22, 2022    9:30-11:30           Come see our AMAZING Kindergarten program!  If you’re  on the fence about re-enrolling this is a must! Spots are filling up quickly for next year.  

Thursday, January 27th is the 100th Day of School!  Your child can wear a 100th Day celebration shirt and jeans!  Start planning now and decorate a shirt with 100 things.  It could be stickers, pompoms, fingerprints, or anything you like.  Search Pinterest for ideas if you need help.  I can't WAIT to see to see your child's shirt!  We're going to have a fantastic fun day! 

Terrific TWOS Day!  2-2-2022                         

We will celebrate this once in a lifetime day of 2-2-22 with a fun-filled TWOS day.  On 2.2.22, we will have DOUBLE the fun as we spotlight the #2 in Lower School!  We have the opportunity to celebrate a once in a lifetime numerical palindrome on Wednesday, 2.2.22. All students are encouraged to come to school wearing Two…. 2 hats, 2 ties, 2 shirts, 2 bows, 2 socks, etc. We will make connections of 2’s all day long!

NCCS Drive-In Movie for K3-K5                                   Saturday, Feb. 12, from 9 - 11:30 a.m.                

As a family, create a car from a cardboard box or other on-hand materials.   Then come see all the cars and watch the movie Cars!   This is a great way to meet other families!

Remember our uniform standards!                 

Our Lower School kids are uniquely made and known and we enjoy seeing them shine in their own way each and every school day.  However, we have a set uniform standard which can be found HERE that outlines specific details to help keep us well, uniform. Some areas to review include jeans, outerwear, and leggings. 

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