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Hi, parents! This page is your primary resource to stay up to date on K3 learning topics, assessments, upcoming events, fun campus happenings, quick links and contact information -- basically everything you need to help your preschooler soar!

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Weekly Highlights

Princess and Pirate Day! 

Princess and Pirate Day was a huge success! Our K3 students had a blast celebrating the letter P as we dressed up as pirates or princesses. We went on our very own treasure hunt to discover a trove of hidden treasure left by an elusive pirate! 

Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, K3 is exploring the contributions of notable Americans such as Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the modern traffic light and Louis Armstrong, an American jazz composer. In our introduction to Garrett Morgan we played the game "Red Light, Green Light" and created our own traffic light while using our fine motor skills to tear and glue paper. We discussed the importance of having traffic signals to keep cars from crashing into one another! Garrett Morgan added the color yellow as a warning that red would soon appear thereby alerting drivers to slow down in anticipation of stopping!

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Lower School students will be encouraged to wear red or pink! K3 classes will exchange Valentine's with each other. We will decorate Valentine bags at school; you do not need to provide a box or bag from home. Please send in Valentines for the entire class for the exchange. 14 students. Please sign "from, (your child's name.)" Please do not address the valentines "to, (another child's name.)"

We will have a special snack of baked sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles provided by our wonderful PTF! The cookies are nut free. If you would prefer that your child have a different treat, please be sure to send one in.

What We're Learning

 January Theme: Winter & Hibernation  

Letter: Pp

Math: Calendar math                                                  Comparing Objects by size                                                            

Bible Verse

Bible verse for January: 

"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" Psalm 150:6



Vocabulary Words Introduced

persistent: not giving up

waddle: walking with stiff legs (penguins waddle)


Penguins! by, Gail Gibbons

If You Give a Pig a Pancake by, Lisa Numeroff

The Three Little Pigs by Paul Galdone


Calendar graphic for important reminders.

Important Reminders

February 14 - Valentine's Day; students may wear red or pink

February 17 - End of Trimester 2

February 20-24 - Winter Break!

K3 Quick Links

Class Schedules


Mrs. Morning | K3 Teacher
Mrs. Cascone  | K3 Teacher

Lower School Office 
Wendy Titus | Lower School Principal
Patrick McDonald  | Lower School Assistant Principal
Jeanie Foster | Lower School Admin.
770-975-0252, ext. 532