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Hi, parents! This page is your primary resource to stay up to date on kindergarten learning topics, assessments, upcoming events, fun campus happenings, quick links and contact information -- basically everything you need to help your kindergartener soar!

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Weekly Highlights

Your Leprechaun Traps were so fun & creative! We had a blast trying to catch those sneaky, little leprechauns!  They were just way too fast and clever! 

Better luck next year… 



Shoe Tying Club

Can your child tie his/her shoes?  This is an important Kindergarten skill.  Begin practicing with him/her at home!  There are many different methods for teaching shoe tying.  A simple internet search will help you find the way that works best for you and your child.  All children who can demonstrate shoe tying for their teacher will get to join the “Shoe Tying Club” and will receive a brag tag!!


Address and Phone Number Club

A “Parent Homework” page was included in this week’s homework.  We are asking you to fill out your address (complete with zip code) and the phone number that you would want your child to know in case of emergency.  It is important for your child to know their address and phone number so begin having them learn them now.  We will keep this sheet as a reference check for when your child can repeat it from memory.  Let us know when your child has memorized this information and they will be invited to join the “Address and Phone Number Club” and receive a brag tag.


RAZ-Kids Reading Program

Information went home last week concerning the Raz-Kids reading program.  Students who finish their work early will have the opportunity to read in class.  In addition, they are invited to read at home.  Reading on this program as often as possible will improve their fluency and skills.  We hope that each child will take advantage of this program!  Each Monday, teachers will look at the weekly reports for their class.  The child who read the most for the previous week will win the “Star Reader Award” and receive a special prize!


Sight Word Superheroes

If you come to the Kindergarten hallway, you will notice a “Data Wall”.  Each child is working hard to learn their “Superhero Sight Words”!  When they are able to fluently read each set, a superhero goes on top of their skyscraper AND they receive a brag tag.  At the end of the school year, all students who have each of the five superheroes on their skyscraper, will get to make their own ice cream sundae.  Make sure your child is practicing these each night!  We want everyone to enjoy ice cream!!


This Week in Kindergarten

  This past week the kindergarteners had fun doing various activities with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. We played a sight word and mystery word game and did phonics, reading, and writing activities that centered around our upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration at school.  We had a blast seeing the creativity of the students’ family leprechaun projects.  Thank you, parents, for helping your child have fun with this activity. We have become familiar now with the math concept of addition, and are learning the strategies to add parts to get a sum.  We enjoyed “leaping” on our hallway number line, and each child used their own moving froggy number line to “hop” to the sum to get the answer to his or her addition problem.  In Bible, we are captivated with the stories of Jesus’ disciples and first miracle, turning the pots of water into wine at a wedding feast.  We have learned that miracles are something amazing that only God can do! 

What We're Learning


We continue practicing reading strategies, reading our weekly class readers and sight word books.  We will be identifying and distinguishing the letters  v and x and blending them with other consonants and vowels to make new words.  


We will be writing complete sentences with key components: A capital letter at the beginning, finger spacing between words, making sure it makes sense, and using punctuation at the end.  By now your child should be fluently writing two complete sentences and progressing towards the goal of three to four sentences by the end of the year.


We will read books integrated with communities and community helpers to help identify the setting in a story.


We continue learning and practicing various addition strategies.


We will continue to learn more of the miracles of Jesus by hearing the story of  blind Bartimaeus.  We will also hear the story of Palm Sunday. 

Social Studies/Science

We will review the types of communities (rural, suburban, urban,  city, county, state, country, and continent) and begin our unit on community helpers.  

Bible Verse

...for we walk by faith, not by sight.  2 Corinthians 5:7

Sight Words

make, some, how, what, many

Calendar graphic for important reminders.

Important Reminders

Sight Words

Don’t forget about our sight word contest.  Make sure your child is  practicing those sight words as often as possible!  We want all kids to enjoy an ice cream sundae!  



It is very important for your child to be reading on RAZ-Kids as often as possible.  Kindergarten books on RAZ-Kids are leveled (aa, A, B, C, and D).  Your child needs to progress to level D by the end of the year to meet Kindergarten standards and be ready for first grade.


Important Dates to Remember:

March 31st - Easter Celebration (information coming soon)

April 3-7 - Spring Break, no school

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Mrs. Dixon | Kindergarten Lead Teacher
Mrs. Childers | Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Holbrook | Kindergarten Teacher

Lower School Office 
Wendy Titus | Lower School Principal
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