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Welcome to our Second Grade homepage!

Hi, parents! This page is your primary resource to stay up to date on second grade learning topics, assessments, upcoming events, fun campus happenings, quick links and contact information -- basically everything you need to help your second grader soar! 

Second Grade Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights

ENJOY YOUR FALL BREAK Sept. 27th - Oct. 1!!!  We look forward to seeing you back on Monday, October 4th!  Remember:  Our Learning Expedition to the Fire Safety Village is the Monday we return from Fall Break!  Here are a few reminders for that day:

  • Bring fully disposable, labeled snack, lunch, & water.  We will eat at the Village.

  • Wear 2nd grade green t-shirt if they arrive on time (NCCS spirit wear if not), jeans, and tennis shoes.

LEARNING EXPEDITIONS - Our next Learning Expedition is to the Atlanta Botanical Garden on October 15th.  An email will be sent out on 10/4 containing the link to the Atlanta Botanical Garden Google Permission Form.  Please fill out this form no later than 10/6.  We appreciate your attention to this, as we need a final headcount and lunch orders.

GRANDPARENT'S DAY - On Friday, October 8, we look forward to welcoming our grandparents and grandfriends onto campus for a morning of celebration! If you are new to NCCS, Grandparents / Grandfriends Day is one of our most beloved annual traditions.  Mrs. Grimes always has a SPECIAL PROGRAM lined up for us!  Doors will open at 7:30 a.m.  We will start  with coffee and a continental breakfast in the gym, followed by our special program, which will begin at 8:30.  Our grandparents will be treated to a musical performance by all of our K3 - 4th grade students, who will be singing songs that share the love of God.  Several of our special choral groups, including Joyful Voices, Proclaim, and our Upper School Academy Singers, will be part of the festivities, as well!  This is an optional half-day, which means students may leave with grandparents after the program if they would like to.

BOOK REPORT - Our first at-home book report assignment came home in blue folders on 9/7! Students will have the opportunity to select a book from the Reading Room; however, they are welcome to choose a book elsewhere (home, public library, etc.) They will read the book for homework, create and turn in a Pumpkin Planning outline, and ultimately decorate and fill a paper pumpkin with different elements from their book. Once turned in, all reports will be displayed in our “pumpkin patch” for others to observe and enjoy! Assistance may be provided, but please ensure that your child is completing his/her own report.  Book reports are due on October 19th.

What We're Learning

Right now, we are loving learning about:

Bible - We continue our study of the Life of Moses.  Our stories this week include:  God’s Special Purposes for Us, The Baby in the River, and God’s Plan for Moses.

Phonics / Spelling - Sound of long /a/ sound spelled ei,eigh, ea

Grammar / Creative Writing -  We wrap up our Creative Writing Unit on Personal Stories.  In the Writing Process this week students will Revise, Proofread, and Publish their stories!

Reading - We begin our second unit of Foundations & Frameworks.

Comprehension Focus:  Retelling  

  • Pattern Statement:  Oral restating requires organizing one’s thoughts.

  • Visual Tool:  Flow Chart

  • SPECS Logs: Reader’s Response, Visual Tool, Reflection (Today, I learned…..)

  • Vocabulary:  grooming, collide, soggy, tumbleweeds, canyon, souvenir, drooling, wick, whitecaps, muskrat

Math - We continue Unit 2.  We will be exploring Tools that help us Add (ex:  dominoes and geoboard shapes), writing number models to express even and odd numbers as sums, and playing the Exchange Game (identifying equal amounts of money).

Science - We wrap up Unit 2:  Habitats - Tropical Rain Forest, Arctic (Polar Region), Desert, Evergreen Forest, Freshwater Region, and Wetland.  We will discuss “Biome vs. Habitat,” and “Food Chain vs. Food Pyramid.”  A study guide will come home on Thursday (10/7) and the Chapter Test will be on Tuesday (10/12).

Bible Verse

“And he said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” ~ Matthew 22:37

Spelling Words

veil, vein, eight, neigh, weigh, break, great, learn, many, give

Calendar graphic for important reminders.

Important Reminders

October 4 - Learning Expedition to Safety Village

October 8 - Grandparent’s Day (optional half day)

October 15 - Learning Expedition to Atlanta Botanical Garden

October 18-22 - Homecoming Week (Monday - Pajamas, Tuesday - Dress Like Favorite Teacher, Wednesday - Jersey Day, Thursday - Throwback to any decade, Friday - Extreme Blue & White)

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