Middle School

Middle School (Grades 5 - 8)

The middle school years at North Cobb Christian School are filled with meaningful opportunities that develop students as lifelong leaders and learners. This is a season of rapid growth and change. Rather than viewing it as a stage of transition, we view it as a time of leadership, where students are given more freedom to take responsibility for pursuing high academic performance and God-given talents. In a safe and nurturing environment, the mind, body, and spirit are impacted.

Program Highlights:

Rigorous Academics
In preparation for high school and college, middle school students rise to the challenge of a more rigorous academic curriculum. Teachers continue building strong foundations across the core subject areas of math, English, science, and social studies while providing opportunities for students to explore special subjects such as fine arts electives. Students are also encouraged to start thinking about their future goals so they can tailor their education to achieve their full potential. Resources are available to support this planning, including:

Pathways Testing — an innovative middle school program that involves a series of assessments given to our middle school students. Its objective is to help parents, teachers, and students better understand how God has uniquely created each child and begin the process of making educated choices about the future. Pathways assesses each student in the areas of their personality style, learning style, initial career interests, and spiritual giftedness.

Duke TIP Program — a talent search program that identifies academically talented students based on their outstanding performance on standardized achievement tests. These students are eligible to join the Duke TIP program and have the opportunity to take the SAT or ACT early, as well as participate in other advanced academic opportunities throughout the year.

Intentional Mentoring
Parents know that middle school can bring a unique set of challenges. As students experience a period of change, they are supported by a caring network of teachers, staff, and peers. The learning community at North Cobb Christian is one where every child is known, loved, and mentored regularly. Christian role models help students remain focused on the path God has laid out for them while developing a more complete Biblical worldview. The impact of this is seen long after graduation, as students come back to reconnect with teachers who made an impact on their lives.

Exciting Activities
Middle school is one of the most exciting parts of the academic journey. Students are able to expand their horizons with a broad range of extracurricular activities, connecting with like-minded peers and building relationships through shared interests. We offer nearly 30 middle school sports teams, a variety of arts programs, and an extensive list of middle school clubs, including cooking, creative writing, geocaching, printmaking, video, and yearbook. Middle schoolers also participate in many missions activities, allowing them to experience the lifestyle of service God desires for each of us.

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