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The middle school years between 5th and 8th grades are a time of identity formation and critical spiritual exploration.

A female middle school student holds a globe while smiling.

The adventure has begun! And isn’t that what Middle School should be? An adventure? After all, this is an unprecedented season of growth and change.

At North Cobb Christian School, we perceive adolescence as a time of immense potential — a time for expanded leadership, where students are given increased freedom and responsibility to pursue academic acuity and God-given gifts. Like springs finally released, we watch our students launch forward into all they were created to become.

When adolescents are provided with a supportive, nurturing, innovative environment in which to grow and learn, amazing things ensue. For our students, the result is an unshakeable foundation of faith and identity.

In our classrooms and throughout our halls, students are guided towards truth — both scriptural truth and the truth of who they are, at their core. In truth, they find freedom. And in that freedom, they soar.

“In Middle School at NCCS, we seek to answer two questions: ‘What are we building?’ and ‘What tools are we using?’ What we’re building are students’ G.I.F.T.S. (Grit, Identity, Fitness, Talent, and Spiritual Formation). And the tools we’re using are our four buckets: our academic, athletic, fine arts, and student life programs.” Craig Konchak, Middle School Principal

Step Inside the NCCS Christian Middle School


There is a tangible difference that can be felt as you walk the halls of the NCCS Middle School. In fact, the number one comment we receive from parents and students alike is that our school just feels different, that it “feels like home.” This difference is not achieved accidentally; rather, it is the purposeful result of combining a loving, passionate and skilled faculty with a research-based, biblically-founded instructional program geared specifically towards adolescents.

Middle School female displaying her dia de los Muertos artwork.


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Craig Konchak
Middle School Principal

Aaron Williams
Director of Student Development

Gina Piepmeier
Middle School Admin. Assistant

Carrie Nickell
Middle School Counselor

Parker Smith
Director of Student Life

Connor Hughes
Assistant Director of Student Life

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