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The academic program at North Cobb Christian School is designed to prepare your child to make a difference in the world. Here, students develop the skills they need to pursue higher education and meaningful careers, as well as the faith required to follow God’s calling. From K3-12th grade, a Christ-centered curriculum and challenging coursework encourages NCCS students to strive toward reaching their full potential.

Hands-On EducationMSScience

As often as possible, our students benefit from experiential learning. They are not limited to desk-sitting and note-taking — they are working collaboratively on projects, finding creative solutions to problems, and engaging in meaningful conversation with teachers and peers.

This hands-on approach fosters incredible outcomes. Not only do students develop confidence, they retain information and learn to think critically across many subject areas.

In fact, our standardized test scores confirm that NCCS graduates are 20 to 30 percentage points above state and national students when preparedness for college is measured.

Individualized Learning

Teachers at North Cobb Christian School recognize that no two students learn in the same way or at the same pace. Likewise, even young children can display promising talent in a certain area of study or express their desire to pursue a specific career. We don’t take these things lightly. We embrace direction and provide mentoring where extra support is needed.

Our Moving Forward program is an incredible resource to help students with learning differences or other challenges stay ahead of the game. NCCS Academies provide individualized academic tracks for students who wish to develop their gifts, such as arts, business, STEM, and others.

Worldview Development

Without a sound biblical worldview, even the most well-educated student will fail to make a lasting impact on God’s kingdom. For this reason, spiritual development is emphasized in the classroom and beyond.

Every class at North Cobb Christian School is taught from a Christian perspective. Students are able to see how God’s Word is living and relevant, allowing them to gain insight to the character of Christ. As they mature, they are able to demonstrate this Christ-like behavior, and understand that God made them for a unique purpose — to glorify Him using unique skills and talents.

To learn more about our goals for each student, check out our Portrait of a Graduate.

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