The Academies

The Academies at North Cobb Christian School

We believe the truth of Psalm 139:14, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” as it relates the fact that God gives each of us talents and abilities to be used for His glory and the good of others. High School is a time in the life of a student where they begin to understand how these talents and abilities intersect with what they are passionate about. We believe that intersection is the starting point to discover what God has called you to do with your life. For students that are beginning to understand their God-given talents and abilities in the late middle school and early upper school years, we offer them the opportunity to enroll in our Upper School Academies Program.

The Academies Program at NCCS allows our students to major in one of five particular areas of interest:  

        The Arts
        Counseling, Ministry, and Education
        Exercise and Sport Science

We commit to our Academy students that you will emerge undoubtedly far more confident and knowledgeable in your chosen discipline, developing a genuine intellectual curiosity to further your passion.

The Academy of the Arts

Started in 2003 under the name “North Atlanta School of the Arts (NASOTA)”, the Academy of the Arts is the oldest Academy at NCCS. Upper school students who successfully pass an audition specifically designed for their proposed arts major will be invited to become a part of the Academy. Providing students academic core classes with intensive training in their chosen art field has allowed students to expand and enhance their talents and gifts in ways typically not offered at the upper school level. We believe each student has unique gifts and abilities endowed by God and we welcome the opportunity, and consider it a blessing, to help students explore, expand and enjoy the calling of God on their lives.

Course of Study:

Visual Arts Track: 



, Art History, AP Studio Art

Vocal Arts Track: Advanced Choral Ensemble and 
Music Theory/Ear Training

Theatre Arts Track

: Stanislavski's System

, Checkovian Acting

, The Meisner Method

, Practical Aesthetics

Possible Career Interests: Choreographer, Producer, Wardrobe, Consultant, Drama Teacher, Technical Arts, Set Designer, Graphic Artist, Actor, Cartoonist, Advertising, Music Business, Artist, Illustrator, Animator, Musician, Architect, Art Teacher, Music Teacher, Dancer, Interior Designer, Composer/Arranger, Dance Instructor

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Director: Matthew Hendrix

The Academy of Business

Each student is uniquely made (Psalms 139:14) and given specific gifts (Romans 12:6) for the building up of Christ’s body. The Academy of Business seeks first to help each student discover those gifts and then begin to seek God for a career where those gifts can bring benefit to others as well as financial reward and life satisfaction (Ecclesiastes 3:13). In accord with this end, the academy offers students whose gifts and desires reflect an interest in the business oriented professions, an opportunity to explore those professions. Through dedicated classes, internships, and exposure to jobs in each area introduced, the Academy of Business will create learning and exploring opportunities for each student, while preparing them to be leaders in the vocation to which God is calling them.

Course of Study: Accounting, Finance, Law, Marketing, Managing and Leading in the Global Economy, Personal Finance, and Internship

Possible Career Interests: Stock Broker, Insurance, Financial Planning, Investment Banking, Real Estate, Financial Analyst, Controller, Human Resources, Project Management, Lawyer, Public Relations, Retail Sales, Advertising, Promotional Management, Logistics, Marketing Research, Customer Relations Manager, Strategic Marketing

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Director: Yannick Post

The Academy of Counseling, Ministry, and Education

The Academy of Counseling, Ministry, and Education is a program designed to prepare students who are called to people oriented and relationally centered careers. The curriculum will provide a biblical foundation while also equipping students with a knowledge of people’s functions, thoughts, and behaviors (psychology), people’s impact on society (sociology), and people’s foundational beliefs (philosophy). Through the advanced course, students will investigate foundations, methodologies, and opportunities in various people oriented career fields, while also examining and developing their own personal callings. The program culminates in the cadet program and a capstone internship where students will gain real world experience in a personally tailored environment that fits their individual calling. Through the program the hope is that students will be better prepared and equipped to fulfill their various callings and impact their world for Christ.

Course of Study: Psychology, Sociology, Advanced Counseling, Ministry, and Education, Teacher Cadet, and Internship

Possible Career Interests: Psychologist, Professor, Coach, Criminal Justice, Teacher, Missionary, School Counselor, Sociologist, Media Specialist, Worship Leader, Counselor, Minister, Stay-At-Home Mom, Social Worker, Sales Representative

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Director: Ty Faulk

The Academy of Exercise and Sport Science

This academy is designed to introduce basic knowledge and prepare students for a variety of career opportunities associated within Exercise Sport Science. The possible long-term career opportunities include sports management, athletic training, nursing, exercise science and kinesiology. The track focus will be on sports management and explore the professional endeavors that are considered sport-related careers. This academy will provide a base-line knowledge for students to be prepared to continue in this area of interest in their next level of education.

Course of Study: Sports Management, Accounting, Healthcare Science, Athletic Training, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology, Law, and Internship

Possible Career Interests: Sports Management, Athletic Trainer, Coach, Physical Therapy, Nurse, Wellness Coach, Recreation Program Leader, Personal Trainer, Sports Promotion Manager, Parks/Recreation Manager, Physical Education Teacher, Corporate Wellness Specialist

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Director: Kristy Sanders

The STEM Academy

The STEM Academy is a rigorous program designed to prepare students to pursue advanced degrees and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.. Students enroll in a four year course of study consisting of honors and Advanced Placement level classes and targeted electives, culminating in an internship their senior year. Students have the option to focus their studies on life, physical or technology sciences, depending on his or her unique God-given talent and interests. The internship allows students to experience their career interest in a real world, hands on environment.

Course of Study: The highest level of Maths and Sciences offered at NCCS, AP Computer Science, Computer Aided Design, Programming, and Internship

Possible Career Interests: Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Math Teacher, Science Teacher, Technical Sales, Pilot, Geologist, Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Biologist, Architect, Computer Network Specialist, Computer Programmer, Astronomer, Physician's Assistant, Project Manager

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Director: Ben Carr

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