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At North Cobb Christian School, it is our goal to make your textbook purchases as simple and cost-efficient as possible.  In this age of technology, we believe it is critical for our students to have the best resources available to them at all times.  We recognize that we can achieve that through a variety of new, used, and digital textbooks.  Our textbook purchasing program will also give us an opportunity to address multiple learning styles and help our students raise the bar even higher in the area of academic achievement.  Please read all of this information to help you understand the textbooks your student needs to purchase for the 2017-2018 school year at North Cobb Christian School.

Textbook Information
The Upper School Textbook List includes all of the textbooks required for Upper School students for the 2017-2018 school year. Please note that it is very important to have your student's schedule in hand while you are looking at the textbook list. There are often different books to consider when you are looking at college prep, honors, and/or Advanced Placement classes. In every situation, if a book is available electronically, you are more than welcome to purchase the electronic version. All NCCS Upper School students are required to bring a laptop to school everyday beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, so that will be the device they will use to access their electronic textbooks. A phone or tablet is not an acceptable way to access digital material in the classroom.

NCCS Bookstore
We have selected Follett as our official textbook provider. Critical in our selection process was to choose a provider that is committed to keeping textbook costs low, offering new, used, and rental options, and one who has a user-friendly process for making purchases of printed and electronic textbooks. Follett serves more than 47 million students and has over 140 years experience in the textbook industry.

You will access the Follett by clicking [HERE] or going to www.ncchristian.bkstr.com. The bookstore will be live beginning June 27, 2017. Once you are at the site, select “Start Here” and enter your classes. Orders can also be placed by calling 800-621-4187.

Virtual Backpack
Another reason we chose Follett was their Virtual Backpack. The Virtual Backpack aggregates student eBook access credentials into one easy-to-use bookshelf, so there is always just one place to start to access your digital books, no matter which class you are taking, and it keeps track of your login information for each class. Additionally, a Follett representative will be on campus at our Meet the Teacher in August to make sure students can access their digital content before school begins.

There is a one-time digital licensing fee per student of $15. If you purchase digital books, you will be charged this $15 to access all your digital content. Please be sure to use your student’s NCCS Google email account for all digital material. ALL ELECTRONIC TEXTBOOKS MUST BE ORDERED BY JULY 26, 2017 to insure that Follett has time to fulfill orders by the first day of the 2017-2018 school year.

Other Options
If you choose not to go with Follett, that is completely fine, but please pay careful attention to ISBN numbers on the textbook spreadsheet if you choose to go with another vendor.  Amazon.com and half.com often have new, used, and digital textbooks available at reasonable prices.  Many of our textbooks will also be available at www.chegg.com , an online textbook rental vendor.  If you go with Chegg, please notice that they usually rent books by the quarter or semester, so you will need to clarify that you need to rent it for the semester or year depending on how long the class lasts.  We would recommend that you compare several different sites in order to get the best price available.  

If you have any questions about purchasing your student's textbooks, please feel free to contact Krys West, NCCS Upper School Administrative Assistant by phone at extension 526 or email Krys West


If you have questions about purchasing your student's textbooks, please feel free to contact Krys West, NCCS Upper School Administrative Assistant by phone at extension 526 or email.

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