World Language Summit

North Cobb Christian School is excited to host the 2nd Annual World Language Educators Summit 2022 for ALL world language teachers, far and wide!

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
$10 includes breakfast AND lunch

This year's theme is INNOVATION. Come prepared to learn from fellow language teachers as they present their best lessons, projects, assessments, tips and tools that help their students soar! Sign up for workshops and think-tanks that will inspire your students and refresh your lesson repertoire. 

Hosted by the North Cobb Christian School World Language Department, this one-day interactive summit is designed to give you practical, apply-right-now best practices. What's your most impactful teaching idea or project? What's your back-burner idea that needs rekindling? How do we make language studies relevant to today's teens? Let's collaborate to address these issues and many more!

The registration for this event is $10 per teacher, which includes a delicious breakfast and lunch! 

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Event Details

ACTIVITIES | Rotate between sessions aimed at sharing fresh teaching methods, project ideas and favorite lessons. 

GOAL | Leave with renewed inspiration and armloads of practical, innovative ideas that you can implement right away to reach language students on all levels in our current school environments. 

COST | $10, which covers the cost of breakfast and lunch. 

ENTICEMENT | Hosted by the language teachers at North Cobb Christian School, we invite you to come be our guests as we build a collaborative community of educators! 

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Meet Us

Andrea Dignon, NCCS French Teacher

Andrea Dignon, the mastermind behind World Language Educators Summit, is the current instructor for French I - IV at NCCS, as well as Middle School French and AP French. 

A true student at heart, Andrea loves collaborating with colleagues to glean fresh, creative ideas to reach today's students. 

Fun fact about Andrea: She also loves to cook and is a culinary genius! She even does a French cooking unit with her students, which is a crowd favorite!

Carrie Peterson, NCCS Spanish Teacher

Carrie Peterson is another wonderful educator you'll get to connect with at the World Language Summit. Carrie teaches Spanish in the NCCS Upper School, and she is also director of the NCCS International Student Program, which supports and integrates the school's large international student population. (Approximately 10 percent of each NCCS graduating class is comprised of international students from around the globe who choose NCCS for high school.)

Fun fact about Carrie: She's also NCCS's beloved varsity girls soccer coach!

Senora Peterson NCCS Spanish Teacher

COVID-19 response

Workshop sessions will be limited in order to provide adequate social distancing.

Masks are optional at this time.