Upcoming Preview Days

Our Admissions department regularly hosts Preview Days for prospective parents during the school year.

2021-2022 Preview Days
11.6.21 | 9:30-11:30 a.m.
2.22.22 | 9:30-11:30 a.m.
RSVP admissions@ncchristian.org

Come on in, meet our leadership, view our curriculum and unique student programs, tour our 50-plus acre campus, and see what sets NCCS apart as a "home away from home" for our 900+ students. 

An elementary school boy smiles at his desk in his sunny classroom.

Or, schedule a personal tour anytime! Our admissions team would love to personally meet you and take you on a customized tour of our beautiful school. We invite you to come experience North Cobb Christian School Family! 

After coming to NCCS, I felt myself become a different kid. Here, everyone wants the best for you. I’ve learned that if you work hard and put God first, there’s nothing that can hold you back.   

NCCS Student

Beth Wright and Mandy Johnson want to welcome you to NCCS!

Set up a personal tour anytime.

We invite you to reach out to our Admissions team at info@ncchristian.org or 770-975-0252, so that Beth Wright and Mandy Johnson (pictured) can personally usher you into the NCCS experience. Call or email to set a up a personal tour around your schedule.

The Great 8 - What Sets NCCS Apart

Growing in Authentic Faith

Our Christian faith is authentic. We are “the real deal.”

An independent school consulting firm recently reported that "the strength of NCCS is their Christian mission. Of all the schools we have worked with nationally and globally, NCCS's Christian mission is the strongest we have seen." NCCS is unapologetically Bible-based and authentically Christian. Jesus isn’t just in our mission statement; he’s in our very DNA. We aren’t perfect; we’re redeemed. And we exist to lead students down the same path towards grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Being Accepted into a Genuine Family

NCCS isn’t just a school. It’s home.

The number one comment we receive from students and parents is that NCCS just “feels different” — that it “feels like home.” This isn’t accidental, however. It results from intentionally cultivating a culture of faith, respect, support, and love. This is achieved through small class sizes where students are seen and known; through many programs and opportunities where students can discover their unique genius; and through countless opportunities for students to bond and grow together — from weekly chapel to retreats, and from peer mentoring to Spring Term trips. The bottomline: we are more than a school. We are a family.

Establishing a Firm Identity

Students’ unique gifts are discovered, explored, and celebrated.

We believe that if students are encouraged to discover their gifts and interests, they develop a strong sense of who God made them to be. And with this sense of identity comes a great advantage: Our students know who they are … they know Whose they are … and they are empowered to live with purpose. 

Experiencing a Superior Faculty

Our teachers are top notch. Period. Our faculty is comprised of mature Christ-followers who are passionate experts in their field. Beyond a career, they teach because it's their calling. 

Ask our graduates what impacted them most at NCCS, and they always begin with a story about one of their teachers. Our teachers don’t just teach; they invest. They truly pour themselves into our students, molding who they are and who they will become. 

Developing Multiple Gifts

Our students become well-rounded leaders through a four-bucket approach that balances academics, athletics, arts, and student life opportunities. 

It’s not uncommon to see an Eagle linebacker carrying a cello into the orchestra room, or our volleyball captain leading worship during chapel. God has created each of our students with unique abilities, and our programs reflect and celebrate this truth. Here, you don’t have to be a centerfielder or a cellist; you don’t have to pick the stage or the softball field. Here, you can be whoever God has created you to be.

Thriving on a Secure Campus

NCCS has implemented 21st century security measures, with an emphasis on prevention. 

North Cobb Christian School has partnered with Critical Intervention Services (CIS), an industry leader in developing and instituting innovative security solutions. On our campus, they are aiding to implement the Guardian SafeSchool Program® — a nationally-acclaimed school security and protection plan tailored to meet the specific needs of our unique school environment. From perimeter fencing and extensive security cameras to an on-campus security team and cutting edge protocols, NCCS utilizes policies and procedures that balance protection with proactive community interaction and prevention. 

Preparing for Boundless Futures

Our students are encouraged to grow in their unique gifts and are guided towards futures filled with God-given purpose. NCCS’s robust college counseling department utilizes cutting-edge resources, data, exploratory opportunities, college visits, on-campus rep visits, and strong international and stateside relationships to connect students to the ideal colleges and universities. 

Annually, our ~ 100 graduates garner over 300 college acceptances and earn approximately $10 million in scholarship offers. Nearly 90 percent earn the HOPE Scholarship and 40 percent earn the Zell Miller Scholarship, which requires a minimum GPA of 3.7, ACT of 26 or SAT of 1200. Through our robust Dual Enrollment program, our recent senior class completed 262 total Dual Enrollment courses, acquiring college credit largely on our own campus. Our graduates have been accepted into Harvard, Emory, Brown, Clemson, Georgia Tech, UGA, Pepperdine and more.

Gleaning a Lens of Service

We value cultural experiences, giving our students a global classroom. 

At NCCS, we send our students out, and we invite the world in. Our students express an appreciation for diverse cultures and thrive through opportunities to connect with others around the world. In middle and upper school, students participate in Fall and Spring Term – a week of missions and service experiences, locally and around the globe. NCCS also houses a robust International Student Program, hosting dozens of students from around the globe each year. In fact, over 10 percent of our recent graduating classes were comprised of international students. The best part: our students view the world through a lens of service. Our recent graduating class compiled a total of 6,634 hours serving others in the name of Christ. 

They say “it takes a village,” but at NCCS, we say “it takes a family” — and this school truly is a family.
When you reach out to Beth and Mandy, you’ll have a chance to learn about our top-notch academic curriculum, “meet” our amazing teachers, set up a campus tour, review our award-winning arts and championship athletic programs, and get connected to our administrators, college counselors and other current families! The support system you’ll be grafted into at NCCS is unbeatable.


Call 770-975-0252, or email admissions to set up a personalized appointment around your schedule.

An Upper School boy prays during Fall Retreat at NCCS.