Instrumental Arts

The Instrumental Arts Program is comprised of our Band and Orchestra Programs. Beginning in the fourth grade and continuing all the way through graduation, students are given the wonderful opportunity to be part of an award-winning program. Medals, trophies, and nominations are great accomplishments, but in the tradition of great composers like Bach and Handel, we believe that God alone is worthy of the glory … and we strive to point people to Him through all of our ensembles!

There are 16 independent performing ensembles at NCCS, two in Lower School, six in Middle School, and eight in Upper School, including a Pep Band that spans both Middle and Upper Schools. These ensembles perform at various events throughout the year, such as Grandparent’s Day, fall concerts, football games, Veteran’s Day, Christmas concerts, Disney World, Dollywood, community ribbon cuttings, and many other special events.

Upper School students also have the opportunity to participate in the Academy of the Arts, which offers an Instrumental track for students interested in more intense exploration of the arts.


 Mrs. Megan Pruitt
Director of the Arts + Director of Bands

Mrs. Angela Baddock
Director of Orchestras

Jennifer Maner
NCCS Arts Administrative Assistant