Private Music Lesson Program

For the convenience of our families and to insure continuity and growth in our Arts programs, North Cobb Christian School offers a variety of private music lesson opportunities. These lessons are open both to our NCCS community and also to the public, as space allows.   

The Commitment 

The lesson program is designed to accelerate a young student’s mastery in his/her chosen discipline, as well as to enable advanced students to be ready to pursue a college curriculum. As such, families are expected to enter into the program with the good-faith intention of continuing throughout the school year - and into the summer if possible. Please discuss this commitment within your family prior to registration!

Private Music Lesson Schedule

Piano and voice lessons are available for students in 1st - 12th grade before and after school. For students in 1st through 4th grade, lessons are also available during the school day, and for 5th - 8th grade, lessons are available during study hall. String lessons are taught based on availability; guitar lessons are only available after school. 

Lessons for other instruments will be given if enough students enroll to justify the need. The number of students the Fine Arts faculty is able to serve will be determined by teacher, time of day desired, and classroom availability.

Registration Information 

Lessons will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis, based on the receipt of the required registration form. Previous lesson program involvement will not provide for lesson spots being "held" without completion of the required registration process. 

There is a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 per child, per type of lesson desired. This fee covers the costs of student books, supplies and building usage.

Registration for existing students begins June 1. Registration for new students begins July 1. 

To Register

To access the Private Music Lessons registration form, please click HERE. The form will open on June 1 for current students and July 1 for new students.

Mr. Brink will reply to confirm if the time you have chosen is available, or needs to be adjusted.
Click the names below to learn more about our talented instructors:

Lesson TypeInstructor
PIANO Roger Brink
VOICE Emily Heald
STRINGS Debbie Brink

Music Lesson Frequency & Billing Information

Each lesson will be taught weekly and is 30 minutes in length, although advanced students may contract to take a 45-minute or one-hour lesson. Due to school holidays, teacher in-service days, inclement weather, and other uncontrollable variables, it is NOT POSSIBLE to guarantee that a set number of lessons will be held each month. For this reason, the program is set up around the total number of lessons each student will receive instead of a set number each month.

With that explanation given and based on our experience, each music student will be able to receive a total of 24 lessons during the contract period of September - April. The cost of each private music lesson is $25.00 per 30-minute session. That means a total cost of $600 from September 1 through April 30 ($25.00 per lesson X 24 lessons = $600), resulting in a monthly billable rate of $75.00 per month, billed in advance on the first day of each month to your FACTS account, September through April. 

The month of May will be used for any make-up lessons that were not held earlier in the school year; however, families will not receive a bill for May since the financial obligation for the lesson program will be met once the April bill is paid. Any lessons taken in May, which are not make-up lessons from excused absences, will be billed at the individual lesson rate of $25.00 per 30-minute session. Bills for these lessons will be charged to your FACTS account during the first week of June.

Click [HERE] for the Make-Up Lesson Policy.

Music lessons will begin the week school starts. In some cases for lower school students, it may be necessary to determine the daily classroom schedule of the teacher at the start of the school year before a lesson time can be determined. Families will be notified as to when their student(s) will begin lessons. All lessons taken during August will be billed to your FACTS account at the end of the month at the rate of $25.00 for each 30-minute lesson.

Summer Music Lessons

Families desiring that music lessons continue through the summer will pay a per lesson charge of $25.00 per 30-minute session. Due to travel and other summer activities, summer lessons are traditionally more flexible, and may not meet weekly. Lesson providers will work with each lesson family individually to create a summer lesson schedule that works well for both parties.


If you have any questions regarding the Private Lesson Program, please contact Mr. Brink.

Hendrix Matthew Leadership
Matthew Hendrix

Director of the Arts

Krys West
Arts Administrative Assistant

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