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We Are Athletes.
A Commitment.
NCCS Mountain Biking Team at the start of a state race.
An Adventure.
Baseball team at NCCS prays after game
A Foundation of Faith.
Soccer NCCS girls team scores a goal.
A Path to Perseverance.
Female volleyball players at NCCS pray together before a match.
A Unified Purpose.
NCCS student Blake Dean pitching a game for the Eagles at Truist Park.

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Athletics Team

Two female NCCS soccer players.


Recent Results

Team Opponent Date Result Score
There are no events to display
NCCS girls soccer player takes a shot.

Current Teams

  • Baseball - Varsity Boys
  • Baseball - Junior Varsity Boys
  • Baseball - Middle School A
  • Baseball - Middle School B
  • Basketball - Varsity Boys
  • Basketball - Varsity Girls
  • Basketball - Junior Varsity Boys
  • Basketball (A) - Middle School Boys
  • Basketball (A) - Middle School Girls
  • Basketball (B) - Middle School Boys
  • Basketball (B) - Middle School Girls
  • Bass Fishing 6th-12th
  • Golf - Varsity Boys
  • Golf - Varsity Girls
  • Lacrosse - Varsity Boys
  • Lacrosse, Varsity Girls
  • Lacrosse - Middle School Boys
  • Soccer - Varsity Boys
  • Soccer - Varsity Girls
  • Soccer - Middle School Boys
  • Soccer - Middle School Girls
  • Swimming - Varsity Coed
  • Swimming - Middle School Coed
  • Tennis - Varsity Boys
  • Tennis - Varsity Girls
  • Tennis - Junior Varsity Boys
  • Tennis - Junior Varsity Girls
  • Track - Varsity Coed
  • Track - Middle School Coed
  • Wrestling - Varsity Boys
  • Wrestling - Junior Varsity Boys
  • Wrestling - Middle School Boys
Varsity Girls Basketball for NCCS.
NCCS boys varsity lacrosse player.

NCCS Baseball at Truist Park