Flipside + Sidekicks After School

Join us on the FLIPSIDE — where the fun doesn’t stop when the school day ends!

At NCCS, we've discovered the perfect recipe for an ideal after school program. The secret? Balancing time for homework and relaxation with an abundance of safe and structured play time, games and social interaction. That's what makes life on the FLIPSIDE so great!

Plus, we offer SIDEKICKS: a full program of supplemental enrichment courses in the arts, athletics, STEAM and more!


The Logo for the NCCS Flipside After School Program
Two lower school students in kindergarten slide down the slides at North Cobb Christian School.

Flipside keeps students engaged in interactive, hands-on, relational activities filled with the fun they CRAVE. After the bell, we make every moment count!


In addition to NCCS's daily FLIPSIDE after school program, students in K3-4th grade can also participate in SIDEKICKS -- after-school enrichment activities where they can explore art, dance, sports, STEAM and more in a Christ-centered, engaging environment! Students may participate in Sidekicks separately or in addition to attending Flipside. 

23-24 Sidekicks Catalog

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