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Student at Graduation with Head of School Todd Clingman.
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NCCS Varsity Football Named Players of the Year + All Region Standouts

Our NCCS Eagles varsity football team had a stellar season. We are BEYOND PROUD!! Very excited to see all of these Eagles on the ALL REGION team for 1A Private!!

Co-offensive player of the year | Running back Caleb Cannon, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

Co-linemen of the year | Offensive Lineman Ben Hollars, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

Athlete of the year | Running back / Linebacker Sharnard Banks, North Cobb Christian, Sr.


First-team offense

RB - Isaiah Williams, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

OL - Gabe Fortson, North Cobb Christian, So.


First-team defense

DL - Gage McDonald, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

LB - Nate Watson, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

LB - Jacob Cruz, North Cobb Christian, So.

DB - Ben Mosely, North Cobb Christian, Sr.


Second-team offense

QB - Walker Ormsby, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

WR - Luke Beverly, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

AP - Trey Priester, North Cobb Christian, So.

OL - Jack Knapp, North Cobb Christian, Sr.


Second-team defense

DL - Denzel Alexandre-Louis, North Cobb Christian, Jr.

LB - Brayden Williby, North Cobb Christian, So.

DB - Jon Grier, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

DB - Bryir Powers, North Cobb Christian, So.

PK - Trey Stephens, North Cobb Christian, Jr.


Honorable mention

North Cobb Christian - WR Jadin Coates, So.; OL Carson Groulx, Sr.

Merry Christmas | Academy Singers Christmas Video 2020

Merry Christmas from North Cobb Christian School! 

Enjoy this beautiful video from our Academy Singers, under the direction of Amy Wallace. This talented group of students are part of an arts magnet program at NCCS called the Academy of the Arts. We pray their talents bless you this Christmas! 


Special thanks to the Gevaert family for opening their beautiful home and to Good Tidings for set design / staging. 

Lower School Holiday STEAM Parade!

North Cobb Christian School Students Create a STEAM Parade!

North Cobb Christian School held a STEAM Parade for K3 through 4th grade students on November 20, inspired by the award-winning book, Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade written by Melissa Sweet. The book shares how Macy’s Day Parade founder Tony Sarg encountered struggles yet used his problem-solving skills to create a parade that everyone still enjoys today. Students were encouraged to do the same: to harness ingenuity to create a one-of-a-kind parade experience! 

Second grade teacher Mrs. Davis waves from the parade, dressed as a pilgrim.


Student-Led Design

Students spent weeks prior to the event innovating, brainstorming and creating unique contraptions to share during the parade. Every element of the parade -- from floats to costumes -- was student designed and created utilizing the principles of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Each grade level was given a different STEAM challenge to complete. Preschool students created animal hats and masks, and they rode in wagons that had been transformed by fourth grade students into corresponding Georgia habitats. Students in junior kindergarten decorated tricycles in a Rainbow Fish theme, with coordinating STEAM-designed helmets. Kindergarten students designed rhythm instruments and sang the Spanish Turkey Song, led by NCCS Spanish teacher Lupe Guerrero. The first grade STEAM challenge was to create individual mosaic tiles that were synthesized together to create a Thanksgiving work of art, and third graders collaborated to create oversized parade balloons, which they carried over their heads. Second grade students transformed golf carts into parade floats designed as a turkey, the Mayflower, and a sleigh carrying one of Santa’s elves -- a festive finale! 

A junior kindergarten student rides a tricycle in a NCCS STEAM Parade!


Environmental Challenge

There was also an environmental aspect to this project. The students’ challenge was to construct everything using only recycled materials. 

“You should have seen the joyous gleam in their eyes as students transformed cereal boxes and Amazon packages into a real, live parade,” says Carol Coleman, technology and STEAM teacher at NCCS. “Every student could tell you the intricate thought process and innovative ideas behind their creations. It was the best use for recycling, and the end result was the most creative parade we’ve ever seen!”

The parade was held outdoors on the school’s campus, and parents wore masks and socially distanced along the parade route. Following the parade, parents and students enjoyed a pie picnic together. 

The Christmas elf is the finale of the NCCS STEAM parade!

STEAM Challenges in Detail



Constraints + Integrations



STEAM CHALLENGE: Students were tasked to design their assigned animal hat/mask and will ride in a matching Georgia habitat wagon pulled by 4th grade teams!

Building time: One 30-minute class

Materials: Recycled items

Classroom Project


PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: Lessons focused on learning roles for their Thanksgiving Program and Play! Students will carry balloons and walk in their Pilgrim and American Indian outfits. Students will present a play at 9:00 am before the parade.

Thanksgiving Play

Classroom Project


STEAM CHALLENGE: Students designed decorations in a Rainbow Fish theme for their tricycles, which they will ride in the parade! They also created STEAM-designed helmets!

Building time: Two 40-minute class times

Materials: Recycled items

P.E. Integration: Learning / practicing riding a tricycle during P.E. class.



STEAM CHALLENGE: Student STEAM challenge was to design a rhythm instrument, which they will carry in the parade while singing the Spanish Turkey Song!

Building time: One 45 -minute class time
Materials: Recycled items.
Spanish + Music Integrations: Memorizing and understanding a bilingual song in Spanish class; applying rhythm instruction from Music.

Spanish & Music


STEAM CHALLENGE: The 1st grade STEAM challenge was to create individual mosaic tiles that synthesize together to create a Thanksgiving work of art! 

Building time: Two 45-minute class times
Materials: Recycled items
Art Integrations: Utilizing teamwork to generate an original design from recycled materials



STEAM CHALLENGE: As a class, students worked together to transform golf carts into parade floats, based on a given theme. 

Romine: Turkey Float

Davis: Mayflower Float

Floresta: Sleigh for Elf

Building time: Three 45-minute class periods. 

Materials: Recycled items, golf cart. 

Technology Integrations: Teamwork, class design and planning brainstorms, and STEAM Lab sessions.



STEAM CHALLENGE: Student teams designed Thanksgiving- themed objects to carry above their heads in a balloon-like fashion.

Building time: Four 45-minute class periods.
Materials: Recycled items

Technology Integrations: 

Teamwork, team design and planning brainstorms, and STEAM Lab sessions.



STEAM CHALLENGE: Student teams designed Georgia habitats on wagons, which will carry K3 students wearing appropriately matched animal costumes. 

Building time: Four 45-minute class periods.
Materials: Recycled items

Technology Integrations: 

Teamwork, team design and planning brainstorms, and STEAM Lab sessions.


NCCS Upper School Ribbon Cutting!

North Cobb Christian School Hosts Ribbon Cutting for Innovative Upper School Building! 

On November 19, North Cobb Christian School held the official ribbon cutting for the NCCS Upper School, the school’s new cutting-edge high school facility. In attendance at the ceremony were Acworth Mayor Tommy Allegood; Brian Bulthuis, Acworth City Manager and NCCS alumni parent; Acworth Alderman Tim Houston; Acworth Alderman Brett North; Acworth Business Association President Shannon Stahl, also a NCCS parent; Georgia State Senator Bruce Thompson from District 14, a NCCS current and alumni parent; Cobb County District 1 Commissioner Keli Gambrill; and Cherokee County District 4 Commissioner Corey Ragsdale, also a NCCS parent, in addition to school supporters and the school’s upper school students. The momentous occasion was also livestreamed, and lower and middle school students viewed from their classrooms.

NCCS Upper School Building front.



The 38,000 square-foot complex is designed to foster creativity and innovation, including a STEM center with a robotics lab, physics lab, and makerspace, as well as student collaborative spaces, 24 classrooms, a college and guidance counseling suite, administrative space, a designated high school clinic, and an adjacent new parking lot. The STEM center features industrial exposed ceilings, large garage-style doors for outdoor learning connections, and a treasure trove of tools and technology: computers, 3D printers and scanners, laser engravers, a CNC router for woodworking and metalworking, a soldering station, rotary tools, saws, sewing and textile machines, and more. The building also utilizes an intricate filtration and ventilation system, with each classroom equipped with individualized HVAC systems. 

A guest receives a tour of the innovative Makerspace, The Makeshop, during the groundbreaking of the NCCS Upper School.



The high school building comes as the culmination of the school’s His Plan | Our Time capital campaign, which raised $10.3 million to fund the project. The fundraising was a community-wide effort, led by Head of School Todd Clingman and alumnae Tara Dorsey, who graduated from NCCS in 2000 and currently serves as the school’s director of development. Donors included parents, students, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, and friends of the school, as well as several local foundations. The construction project manager is another North Cobb Christian alum, Cheston McAllister, who graduated in 2001. The building, which was designed by Croft and Associates and built by Gay Construction, was also made possible by generosity from Ely Concrete Construction, Precision Stone, All Roof Solutions, Preferred Sales Associates, Action Electric Contractors, Gilstrap Plumbing and C.W. Matthews. 

"This is a very exciting and significant step in our school’s journey, as this building increases our instructional square footage by 30 percent and provides many creative learning environments that allow for collaboration and innovation,” says Head of School Todd Clingman. High school classes will commence in the new building following Christmas break, with extensive renovations to follow for lower and middle school in the school’s current facilities this summer. 

NCCS Director of Development Tara Dorsey speaks at the NCCS Upper School Ribbon Cutting.


North Cobb Christian School is a coeducational private Christian school in Kennesaw, Georgia, which currently serves 900-plus students in preschool K3 through 12th grade. Website:

Talking to Kids About the Election

How do I talk to my kids about the election and current political climate?

by Carrie Nickell, NCCS Middle School Counselor

In many families, regardless of political preference, emotions run high regarding the election, and as parents, we may fail to remain cognizant of what our children are learning from our response to the current political scene. Consider stopping to ask yourself, “What are my children learning from my words, my attitude, and my nonverbal behaviors?” Research notes that at least 70 percent of communication is nonverbal.  What are you communicating to your children? No doubt they feel the strong emotions, and often they don’t know how to put any of it into perspective in light of our Christian faith.  

Kids of all ages look to parents and often emulate what they perceive to be appropriate responses.  You might want to check in with your kids to see how they are feeling and what their perception is.  Do they know that your ultimate hope is not in politics and your faith is not in people, but rather in a God who is mightier than any person can ever be?  Do they know that what is central and most important is that we trust in God, follow Jesus, and serve Him with our lives as we serve those around us?  We want to teach our kids that God is the ruler of our hearts, and that He is our ultimate authority, that we submit to Him, in all situations.  

Perhaps it would help us as parents to stop and ask ourselves some questions that help us to put things in perspective.  Is God surprised by anything going on in our political world?  Is God stressed out, worried or afraid?  Does God want us to live as a divided nation?  How does God want us to respond as His followers?  Hopefully our children will see Christ in our response to the current political outcomes.  He will always be our ruler, our king whom we worship with our lives, regardless of whomever we elect as president of our nation.  

Although this article about the election was written on 10/15/20, before votes were counted, the recommendations from this Christian mom are pertinent to how we handle conversations about the results with our children: