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The group of students on NCCS's Spring Term mission trip to Pensacola poses together in a group.

Our hearts are overflowing! *Surprise ending below!* One of our Spring Term trips -- Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief -- spent a week serving in Pensacola, Florida, which ranks as the 8th worst place for hurricanes in the USA, being ravaged by 8 direct hurricanes and dozens of tropical storms in the last 40 years. Our students spent the week renovating a precious church, Beach Haven Baptist, which has seen its share of heartache and storm damage. Our students overhauled the church -- from pressure washing and painting to weeding and decorating. On numerous occasions, our students were stopped and thanked for their work by people all across Pensacola Beach, Warrington, and surrounding communities. Each thank you was sent up in prayer to glorify God. 

THEN fittingly, a tropical storm hit the area hard, preventing the team from going on their fun excurision, a dolphin cruise. Trip leader and NCCS French teacher, Mrs. Dignon, shares what happened next: “In a true posture of servanthood, our Eagles decided the money that we had set aside for that dolphin cruise could be used for a better purpose. They collectively decided to donate that money to the church -- and even added to the funds, personally. In total, they collected and presented $1,500 to Pastor Ken. These funds will be used to help continue restoration of the church and bring more people in the community to Jesus.” 

But, then GET THIS: Once our team returned home, Mrs. Dignon received a call that a sister church in the area had heard about the work done by our NCCS students. Mrs. Dignon says, “They were so moved by the generosity and sacrifices of our students. One of their members said, ‘If these high school students can sacrifice their time and their money, then I know I can sacrifice, as well’ -- and those parishioners gave $20,000 to Beach Haven Baptist in order to finally put a roof on the church building! God is faithful!” 😭 😭

We are so humbled as a school family to see God move in and through our students in such profound ways. Thankful for these life-changing lessons and testimonies -- to Him be the glory!


A North Cobb Christian School student sets a cross upright during a hurricane relief mission trip in Floriday.


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