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Four students read books on famous Black Americans at NCCS.


What a month! Black history is American history, and, as such, is integrated 365/24/7, but February provides a unique and worthy opportunity to honor, remember and explore the immeasurable contributions of Black Americans.

During this month, our students …

>> Participated in (and helped host!) the Black History Bowl.

>> Explored the impact of Black Americans through multi-media resources including YouTube links, literature, and photography. 🤎 (You can find an amazing daily resource HERE — adapted by our own first grade teacher Melissa Nelson.)

>> Read primary sources from the Civil Rights Movement and explored poetry and works of literature by America’s diverse creatives.

>> Hosted a think-tank to brainstorm utilizing computer programming as a tool to eradicate / reduce discrimination personally and globally.

>> Explored the gospel of Jesus as a demolisher of cultural barriers (i.e. the Samaritan woman at the well), expanding student understanding of Christians’ role in identifying and standing against bias and injustice.

>> Expanded the WWII narrative to dive into the African American experience, including the heroic Harlem Hellfighters.

>> Tapped their toes to the jazz masters, Ella and Louis!

>> Replicated Adinkra symbols from Ghana using CAD software and 3D printing.

>> Designed digital magazine covers and features about both well known and lesser known Black Americans.

>> Wrote about the heroism of Ruby Bridges. (Scroll below to see how our Firsties knocked this out of the park!!)

>> Captured wise lessons and quotes from Civil Rights leaders, applying their words to our lives today.

… and much more!!

These are less than half of the explorations and deep dives that our students took into Black History just just this month. It’s been a wonderful month!! 🤎

Student holding writing on Ruby Bridges.