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Two male students participate in a worship livestream during 2020 Circle of Prayer at NCCS.

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Beginning the Year in Prayer Together

Every fall, over 2,000 students, parents, grandparents and community leaders gather on the campus of North Cobb Christian School for the school’s annual Circle of Prayer, beginning the school year in prayer and worship together. Due to COVID-19, this year’s celebration was done virtually on Tuesday, August 18, but the virtual format garnered even more participation, with the livestreamed event totalling nearly 5,000 viewers across the school’s social media platforms. 

The event was broadcast via livestream into every classroom in the school on Tuesday morning, where nearly 900 students from preschool K3 through high school participated virtually. The school’s Upper School Praise Band led worship, segmented by times of prayer led by the school’s student life director, Parker Smith, as well as students David Worosilo, Isaac Lester, and Rachel Turnbough. 

Todd Rainwater, pastor of Mount Paran Church of God and a NCCS father and board member, shared an encouraging message, saying, “We serve a God who is always calling us forward. God is always calling us not just to sit back, but to move forward in Him…. Things may look different this year than they have in years past… but don’t let the fact that things look different try to convince you that God isn’t in it. God is in it.” 

Additional times of prayer followed the message, including a time for students and teachers in each classroom to pray together. Upper School Principal Megan Strange led live prayer for socially distanced staff and students in the gym, as well. The event was closed by Head of School Todd Clingman, who ended by thanking God “for the ability to be here in school.” He said, “A year ago, we would never have thought that would be something that we’d have to ponder to be grateful for. But to be here in this building, to be here with each other, in a different kind of way, but we’re just grateful for the opportunity…. We pray that our light would be brighter, that our salt would be saltier…. Help us to be a people … who are courageous, but let’s do it in a way that’s powerful, loving, and filled with self-control.”

Parents, grandparents, and the school’s students who have elected virtual learning joined in on YouTube and Facebook live feeds. Live chat comments during the livestream included parent Jim VanKirk who wrote, “​It's our 8th Circle of Prayer and my favorite event of the year. Thanks to the entire NCCS family for keeping it going and for all the preparations for this school year.” On Facebook, viewer Violet Gillett-Satchell summed up the event by saying, “What a blessing to start the school year off on such a wonderful and sacred foundation.” 

Two high school students bow their heads in prayer during NCCS's Circle of Prayer.

2020 Circle of Prayer Program

Opening Moment | Parker Smith 

Worship | US Praise Team

Message | Todd Rainwater

Lower School Prayer | David Worosilo 

Middle School Prayer | Isaac Lester

Upper School Prayer | Rachel Turnbough

Worship | US Praise Team

Intro to Class Prayer Time | Parker Smith

CLASS PRAYER |  Classroom Teachers - Lead in classrooms.  Megan Strange - Lead in gym.

Closing Moment + Prayer | Todd Clingman

Thank you for bathing our school and community in prayer. We love our NCCS family!

A student smiles at his desk at North Cobb Christian School.


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