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Circle of Prayer 2021

Beginning the year in prayer together during our annual Circle of Prayer is an opportunity and honor that we greatly cherish. On August 17, we had the privilege to gather in our gym for a time of worship, fellowship, and group prayer for the school year ahead. 

Upper School and community guests met in the gym for a worship-in-the-round experience that was broadcast via livestream to Middle and Lower School classrooms. Parents were also invited to join via livestream. Our student-run worship team led us in song, alongside students from Lower, Middle, and Upper School who prayed over our year. 

The Upper School prayer was lead by Junior Elizabeth Shaylor. Middle School was lead by 7th grader Thalia Fung-A-Wing and 8th grader Ryan Worosilo. Lower School's prayer was lead by Caleb Montgomery, a 4th grader.

What a beautiful morning seeking God's hand on our school, community and world together!