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Higher Grounds Coffee Cart

A hot cup of happiness! NCCS Business Academy entrepreneurship students just launched a steaming hot new business idea this fall! Are you ready??? This September, Higher Grounds Coffee OPENED for business, serving the students, faculty, staff, community, and all NCCS families with a delicious cup of joe! This business is completely student-led and operated — from naming to branding to researching the coffee-making process. 

Higher Grounds is beginning as a mobile coffee cart, helping our Business Academy students practice their trade in the coffee industry before launching our on-campus cafe next year in phase two of our Upper School facility. 

Earlier this fall, students took an R+D field trip to Apotheos Roastery, one of the business’s official suppliers for coffee grounds and iced coffee. They also built and outfitted their coffee cart.

The students launched with a basic menu and will expand offerings as the business grows. The name “Higher Grounds” was selected as a reference to the business’s mission verse: “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:10).

Business Academy Director Ryan Moore says that his students “just want to uplift others as they start their day or help them recharge for the afternoon by offering high-quality coffee, the best customer service, and an opportunity to enjoy a time of fellowship with others.” We can’t wait to support this new venture … bring on the coffee!