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Dale Alexander talks to Ryan Moore's class of seniors about personal finance wisdom.

Every senior is required to take Personal Finance, a class designed to equip them with financial know-how and wisdom.

Recently, Dale Alexander, certified financial planner and advisor, came to speak with our students, sharing one of his most profound principles: 70/20/10. Dale encouraged our students to get into the habit with their very first paycheck of spending 70%, saving 20%, and giving 10%.

He shared that if they get into the rhythm of living and giving this way, their lives will be much more fruitful and fulfilling. He also shared with our students about investing, including guidance on mutual funds and stocks. 

Dale Alexander speaks to NCCS seniors about personal finance.

Dale ended by saying that, 30 years down the line, when our students are all grown up and looking across their big lawns with their nice houses, and their kids ask them how they achieved it, he wants them to be able to say that they lived off of 70%, saved 20, and gave 10 — sharing that wisdom with future generations. 

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