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A young boy looks at the camera, while an officer talks about the helicopter behind him.

This fall, NCCS’ amazing counseling department hosted a school-wide interactive safety expo!! Health and safety experts in our community led students through critical lessons on staying safe and making positive personal choices.


A group of NCCS students watch as a doctor holds a vile of sugar next to a single Gatorade bottle.

Stations included a DEA helicopter landing on the field, a diseased lung exhibit (with real lungs the students were able to manipulate), McGruff the Crime Dog, a nutritionist who talked about healthy eating (cue the mom guilt over how much sugar is in Cheerios- holy cow!), lessons on the power of our words and recognizing peer pressure, Internet safety, drug awareness, and self-defense training. Wow! What a day!

A Cobb County Law Enforcement Officer teaches NCCS students about digital safety


Thank you to our community guests and to our phenomenal NCCS counselors, Mrs. Siller, Mrs. Nickell, Mrs. Ribeiro, and Mr. Konchak, for giving our students this awesome opportunity!!