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NCCS Scholar Athlete Hallie Meier

We are so proud of our 11 Marietta Daily Journal Scholar Athletes!

To be honored, these students had to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher and play two school sports their senior year. Congrats to these scholar athletes for achieving this outstanding honor! Let's meet NCCS's 2019-2020 Scholar Athletes ... 

11 NCCS students were named MDJ Scholar Athletes


Hallie Meier | Cross Country and Golf
“The thing I appreciate most about NCCS is the faculty. All of them go out of their way to make the kids here feel special and loved. They all exemplify Christ’s love so well, and many of them have left a lasting impact on my life, as well as the lives of many other students. I am going to miss them so much next year!” 

Aidan Durity | Cross Country and Track + Field
“The thing that I most appreciate about NCCS was the people that I met. I was able to foster friendships with people that I knew would build my faith, and that was really awesome.”

Ryan Pruitt | Football and Baseball
“One of the things I most appreciate about North Cobb Christian is the family atmosphere. The school has allowed me to create bonds and friendships with so many different people that I will cherish forever. I have not only created bonds with classmates, but also with teachers and staff.”

Catie Sander | Competition Cheer and Football Cheer
“NCCS has impacted me by giving me friends that I will hope to carry with me through life with our shared experiences.”

Madison Marquess | Varsity Volleyball and Tennis
“NCCS has impacted me in many ways over the last 15 years I have attended. Many in ways I never understood until now. NCCS has created a lifelong family for me, friends that have helped me grow in my faith, and teachers that have never given up on me. Without NCCS, I feel I would not be the person that I am today. I am forever grateful for the numerous opportunities that I have been blessed with at my time at NCCS, whether mission trips, advisory groups, Bible studies, and many more. These are memories I will never forget.”

Lauren Kubek | Sideline Cheer and Competition Cheer
“NCCS has impacted me by giving me a place to grow and learn more about my faith. I will miss my teachers and coaches and the relationships I have built at NCCS.”

Brian Arp | Lacrosse and Football
“The thing that I appreciate the most about NCCS is how much of a family it is, and how much everyone supports one another.”

Lollie Smith | Varsity Softball and Varsity Basketball
“What I love most about NCCS is how much of a family it is. All my teachers lead me and guide my through life, not just education. I appreciate how everyone truly cares for you and wants you to succeed. I also appreciate the second home I have formed. NCCS has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. I love NCCS.”  

Jordan Bailey | Competition Cheer and Football Cheer
“I appreciate how the school uses their family dynamic in everything they do, especially in the athletics aspect of things.”

Mallory Dorris | Competition and Football Cheerleading
“At NCCS, I appreciate the way that the faculty and staff care about us and want us to succeed.”

Anson Mathis | Football and Track + Field
“The thing I most appreciate about NCCS is the dedication to make every student better. Whether it is teachers in the classroom or coaches on the field, they both want the best out of the students and are dedicated to their success.”