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Riley Clingman puts his arm around a favorite teacher, Mrs. Grace Evans.

The end of the 2020-2021 school year brings a bittersweet ache for our NCCS school family as we celebrate the retirement of Mrs. Grace Evans. Mrs. Evans has been a beloved preschool K4 teacher at NCCS for 21 years, and the impact she has had on hundreds of students over the years is impossible to measure. What we do know, however, is that she has poured the love of Jesus into each and every little soul who crossed her classroom threshold. 

Mrs. Evans's top priority has been to "teach children that God loves them," she says. "And then, secondarily, I seek to instill in them a desire to show respect, to do their best work with perseverance, and to discover that learning can be so much fun.”

One of the best testimonies to the impact Mrs. Evans has made on her students is Riley Clingman (class of 2021). Mrs. Evans was Riley's K4 teacher, and he used to ask her not to retire until he graduated. She has kept her word. And Riley, in turn, has invested back into Mrs. Evans during his last two years of high school, foregoing free periods and study hall in order to volunteer as a teacher cadet in Mrs. Evans's classroom. 

Riley shows Mrs. Evans student work.

"I spent my junior and senior years as her cadet so that I could soak up all of the great wisdom that she provides -- not only for my time while in school, but for life down the road," shares Riley. "I also chose to volunteer in her room because she is leaving at the end of this school year after many years of teaching at NCCS, and I am graduating and heading to Liberty University, so I wanted this year to be special for the both of us before we go."

When asked to describe the impact that Mrs. Evans has made in his life, Riley says, "To me Mrs. Evans is a very kind and generous woman who is always looking to help me every way that she can. She teaches her students what is right, and I respect that. She is such a positive influence on them. Every time I leave her classroom, I know that these kids can and will one day impact the world for Christ, thanks to her prayers and presence in their lives."

Riley helps a student with their work at the desk.

“When I look back at it all, His timing is always perfect for every stage of life,” says Mrs. Evans, echoing that she is humbled to be used as His vessel. "May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified and praised for all He has done, and for what He is going to do in the lives of His precious children.”

Mrs. Evans, we LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for your many years of service, pouring into the very souls of so many students. We pray for His rich mercies on you in this next stage of life! You will always be part of our NCCS Family, and for that we are immensely grateful. 

Mrs. Evans receives flowers and hugs from children.