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A Lower Schooler and his Grand Father enjoying time together

We are so excited to announce our NCCS Virtual Grandparents Day! While this beloved tradition will look a little different this year, we still want to honor our amazing grandparents, who mean so much to our students and to our school family. 

Virtual Grandparents / Grandfriends Day will be Friday, October 23, for Lower and Middle School!

A graphic saying Virtual Grandparents Day


To receive our video + participate in early dismissal, please complete this form:

Grandparents Day Registration

What will this day entail? 

1. Optional Early Dismissal

To allow for quality time with their grandparents and grandfriends, this day will be an optional half-day for LS + MS students. Grandparents and grandfriends are welcome to pick up students early from school for a special lunch or afternoon together off campus. (Students who stay will remain in their classrooms per usual that afternoon. Lower School and Middle School students who stay will need to bring lunch from home, as food services will only be open for Upper School that day. Flipside will begin and end at the normal times that afternoon.) 

Lower School Optional Early Dismissal | 11:15 a.m.

Middle School Optional Early Dismissal | 11:45 a.m.

2. A Special Video Recording

That afternoon, we will send out a heartwarming video recording from each division to their grandparents and grandfriends. Look for that to come via email and social media (Facebook and YouTube). If students are with their grandparents/friends that afternoon, they can watch it together. Or, if any grandparents live far off, they can still enjoy the message virtually.

We eagerly look forward to resuming our special on-campus traditions in the (hopefully near) future, but in the meantime, we are so grateful for the opportunities to celebrate those who mean so much to our students' lives. Our lives are indeed richer because of our grandparents/friends!