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The season of lent

Lent, an integral season of the church calendar, is a period that lasts from Ash Wednesday until Easter. The rhythms of the church calendar (also known as the Liturgical Year), are broken into four major periods: Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. The Advent season focuses on waiting for Jesus, Christmas on the birth of Jesus, Lent on the cross of Jesus, and Easter on the resurrection of Jesus. 

Who Practices Lent? 

Since NCCS is an interdenominational school, we have many students and families who practice Lent and others who may not. Families who are Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian, or Episcopal are more likely to practice Lent as part of their denominational traditions, but there is a wider movement within many denominations to be more intentional about celebrating the rhythms of the Liturgical Year. 

Regardless of your denominational background, this season can be a great opportunity for you to intentionally grow and deepen your faith. 

A “Spring Season” 

To put it simply, Lent, meaning “spring season” in Latin, is traditionally a time of intentional fasting (giving something up) to focus on our need for God and the cross of Jesus, so we can more greatly experience the celebration of the Resurrection (Easter). 

Below, you’ll find some resources (an article, book, devotional, and playlist) to equip you in the practice and understanding of Lent. We hope these resources are helpful on the journey towards an even deeper faith. 


AN ARTICLE | Why Bother With Lent? (An article on five reasons Bible-believing gospel-centered Christians can benefit from the practice of Lent)  READ HERE 

A BOOK | The Good of Giving Up: Discovering the Freedom of Lent - Aaron Damiani (A book written about practicing Lent intentionally from a gospel-centered perspective.) ORDER HERE

A DEVOTIONAL | Journey to the Cross: A 40-Day Lenten Devotional - Paul David Tripp (A Lent devotional meant to point you towards the meaning of the Lent season, which is meditation towards the cross.) ORDER HERE 

A PLAYLIST | Trinity Music - Lent Spotify Playlist (A playlist focused on worship music that focuses on our need for God and the cross) LISTEN HERE 

We hope you have a blessed Lenten season!