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 2018 Middle School Fall Retreat | #weareNCCS

Day 3

Our weary warriors have been blowing and going this whole time at retreat. This morning at the lake, there were some die-hard fishermen trying to get some last-minute points for their teams. After breakfast, campers packed up their soiled garments (that moms and dads like to wash so much!) and got ready for home.

After loading up the U-Haul and cleaning their cabins, the students gathered in the auditorium for final instructions for their quiet time, which would last another half hour. Students were then sprinkled throughout the Woodlands property to focus on their individual relationships with God.

We then reconvened at the lake for our group picture, where all students and staff proudly displayed the retreat’s theme shirts, “Surfivor," which celebrates the idea that middle school is not just about surfing through and surviving, but about holding fast to God’s truth and THRIVING.

After class meetings with nominations for class elections and discussions of everyone's spiritual takeaways from camp, we gathered back in the auditorium for the moment the teams have been waiting for: the announcement of this year’s tribal color wars champions! The coveted “Ooga Booga” stick was presented to the winning team - the Blue Team!

What a phenomenal time we have had this week at the MS Fall Retreat! 

Final Charge from MS Principal Mr. Konchak

I go back to this year’s theme verse, 2 Corinthians 5:20, “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us.” My hope is that those who didn’t know God got a better glimpse and came closer to a relationship with Him. And for those who did know Him, I pray that they would answer the call God has made to be an example of what Christianity needs to be, so that our students at NCCS make their mark in our school, in our community, and in this world. 


Day Two 

This morning we all spent some alone time with God, focusing on Mark 12:28-34, where a scribe asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was. We were asked a few questions: “What is God trying to teach you in this passage, and how can you apply this to your life?”

This afternoon will be once again full of team competitions and free time outdoors with lake swims, zip lines, and gaga ball. We’ve just been joined by the 6th graders, so we’re excited to grow closer to each other and to God as a middle school community!


Student Reflections from Day Two, mid-day:

AnnaBelle Smith and Kristanna Garner - 8th graders 

We are reflecting on how we should call upon God no matter what. This commandment gets us closer to God because it focuses on loving Him with everything we have - our minds, our hearts, and our souls. Without love, you can’t have a relationship with God. We have also been challenged to trust God more and read our Bibles more.  

William Mosely - 7th grader

I want to go to God first before making a decisions.

Jack Pearce & Cooper Payne - 8th graders

Following God is sometimes a struggle, but He wants us to keep pursuing Him in everything we do.

These are real-life applications that students can put into practice today.  
Stay tuned for more details, coming later today!

Day One

Daily Overview: Lisa Willett - 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Our 2018 Middle School Retreat kicked off bright and early this morning as 7th and 8th grades headed to Woodlands Camp in beautiful Cleveland, Georgia. To break the ice and get students pumped up, we hit the ground running with team competitions, along with free time to relax and socialize. Tonight, we heard from Pastor Carlos, who un-packaged what it means for God to renew our hearts, minds, souls, and strength, as seen in Mark 12:30. We are praying for renewal on all levels during the next few days!


Student Highlight: Emma Bartlett - 7th Grader

For me, today's highlights were the Wells Fargo competition and seeing everyone work together for the team competition. I also enjoyed being able to chill out with friends at the lake with the water slides, the "blob," and the kayaks.


Teacher Highlight: Mr. Conrad - 8th Grade Bible Teacher

This afternoon’s fishing tournament was my personal highlight. It was incredible to see how skilled the students are at fishing!


Teacher Highlight: Mr. Steinichen - 7th Grade Bible Teacher

My highlight was playing basketball with the guys during free time this afternoon, mainly because I dominated them. :-D 


We are all looking forward to another great day tomorrow of fellowship, fun, and worship!! 


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