Global Impact Program

North Cobb Christian School welcomes many students from around the world to our upper school and middle school each year through our International Student Program. As part of our mission to “impact culture,” we recognize the unique opportunity that this program provides for students to grow in their understanding of their world. The NCCS Global Impact Program (GIP) is designed to provide both domestic and international students with intentional opportunities to form relationships with each other and to celebrate and appreciate cultures from around the world. 

Support NCCS International Students

Three international students from Panama enjoy a meal with the NCCS Global Impact Team students.

The Global Impact Program (GIP) connects students through social gatherings, monthly lunch meetings, International Student Orientation, and special / cultural events throughout the school year. 

This program also pairs a domestic student with an international student to ensure social and emotional support to our international students -- both in academic and social settings. GIP domestic students also provide leadership for the student body in welcoming and including international students. Essentially, the GIP ensures that every international student on our campus has a friend from day one. 

GIP Member Attributes

  • Willingness to learn about another culture with an open heart and mind.
  • Patience with a student who may be learning English.
  • Perseverance in pursuing relationships.
  • An ability to identify needs in fellow students and help them find ways to meet them.


GIP Expectations

Global Impact Program members must apply and be accepted to the program in order to participate. Consistent attendance at local activities and Global Impact Program meetings is expected. Global Impact Program members are welcome to accompany international students on trips. In all events, Global Impact Program members should be seeking out opportunities to build connections and relationships with international students.

Carrie Peterson
International Student Program Director

Hannah Jarvis
Upper School Instructor