A boy in prayer during retreat.

At the beginning of each school year, NCCS takes all Middle and Upper School students on a special retreat, providing an unparalleled opportunity for them to grow closer to each other and to the Lord. Away from the normal pressures of school and life, students are given a firm foundation of faith and friendship.

Oh, and did we mention? NCCS fall retreats are also incredibly FUN. From color wars to games to high-energy worship, students are refreshed and renewed — ready for the school year ahead.

“As a new student, I came into the retreat not knowing anyone, but I was warmly embraced by everyone. The teachers and students both made me feel so welcome. I left the retreat feeling like I had a new family.” NCCS Student



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5th + 6th

YMCA Camp High Harbor

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Toccoa Falls, GA

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US Retreat Day Three

Our last day of camp started early with the normal end of camp stuff: packing up your room, cleaning things up, sorting out luggage, taking temperatures, eating breakfast, and heading down for the last retreat session.  The last session was a strong one called “The Process of Perseverance." Our theme...

US Retreat Day Two

We had an incredible Thursday! We kicked off our morning with a fun game of taking temperatures on the way into breakfast.  It seems that everyone slept well and woke up ready for another fun day!

7th-8th Retreat Day Two

There are SO many fun escapades, hilarious moments, and heart-touching events that I could tell you about Day 2 of the MS Retreat. I could tell you about the Ultimate Ball Color Wars games when the sun was high in the sky but the competition was higher. I could tell you so much more. But I won’t ... because what I want to tell is SO much better. Believe me...

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7th + 8th Retreat Photo Gallery

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Fall Retreat students at Toccoa Falls.

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