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MIDDLE SCHOOL 7th/8th | Day 2

Day 2 of 7th/8th Middle School Retreat

written by Anna Long | 8th grade Faculty

Day two was jammed packed with so much fun. We started off with a pretty nasty thunderstorm. However, everyone was so excited for the day ahead that nobody minded the rain. We began with a delicious sausage, egg, and biscuit breakfast and fellowship together. Next, students spent alone time with Jesus to pray for the weekend and read the Word. 

The houses the. competed in a quick minute-to-win-it game before going straight into worship with the Jonathan Ray Band. After powerful worship, the students received a word from Matthew about the idols in our lives focusing on how God hasn’t abandoned us. 

Next, students participated in a house challenge in the dome. The houses competed by working together to untangle themselves from string. The 8th grade Nissi and 7th grade Elyon were able to untangle themselves first! 

In the afternoon, students enjoyed lunch and got to have an extended free time. There was more kayaking, blobbing, zip-lining, coffee drinking (mostly faculty ;), and fun throughout this time. 

Then, after showers and some rest, students headed to dinner for food and fellowship, followed by worship. During the evening session, we received another word from Matthew about taking ownership of faith and choosing the house of the Lord. This was a powerful session where several students gave their lives to Christ or rededicated to their faith! Students were worshipping, praying for each other, and loving on each other in such a beautiful way. 

That time together then led into wonderful cabin sessions with group leaders where conversations and prayer continued. We ended the night with an epic lip-sync battle that featured all the teachers and all of the students!! 

Everyone definitely slept well after such a busy day!