Spring Term


Spring Term is a cornerstone of the North Cobb Christian School experience and one of the many elements that makes NCCS so much more than just another school. This is where true life change happens — where our students are invested into deeply … and then guided to invest into others.

Spring Term for NCCS Upper and Middle School students is a special time that provides real-world opportunities for 5th through 12th graders to take what they have learned in the classroom and in chapels and apply it throughout the world.

From Haiti to Hawaii and everywhere in between, these experiences encompass overseas mission trips, cultural immersions, service projects, academic pursuits, arts explorations and more.

A group of student on a mission trip pictured with local children.

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“During Spring Term, my eyes were opened to the world. From bonding with my classmates to serving others in remote areas of the globe, Spring Term was a life-changing experience that shaped who I am today.” NCCS Alumni



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Spring Term 2022 Blog

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MIDDLE SCHOOL | Charleston Spring Term 22

Philippians 4:4 says, "Rejoice in the Lord always: again I will say rejoice." The 8th graders are rejoicing in gorgeous Charleston, South Carolina!

Our day started before the sun came up in the parking lot of school. After a long day of traveling we drove over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge that connects Charleston with Mt. Pleasant. The Ravenel Bridge is the third longest cable-stay bridges in the Western Hemisphere....

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Tri-Cities | Spring Term 22

What do 23 students and their chaperones do when they have 500,000 square feet of museum space to themselves? You play "Night at the Museum" with cockroaches from Madagascar and corn snakes and millipedes and blind fish. Then you watch tornadoes form and make paper cones race in wind tunnels (Noah P. beat me every time with his spiral design)...

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Spain | Spring Term 22

Day 3 started early for the Spain team: we took a short drive into Granada to the Alhambra this morning. Walking through the art-covered fortress, we learned the history of its original Islamic construction and the addition of the palace itself by Charles V.... 

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Snowbird | NCCS Spring Term 2022

Man alive! Waking up was rough because yesterday was non-stop action! Today has been no different, and we are glad of it! We made it to breakfast, perhaps with a little more bedhead and some slippers spotted, but we made it!

After chowing down, we headed to our morning session where we parked ourselves in Colossians to be reminded about Jesus, our only righteousness, who took on sin because of God's great and deep love for us. We heard that God loves us like He loves Jesus because of Jesus' work on the cross....

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Route 66 | Spring Term 22

Today was our last full day on the road. We woke up in Flagstaff after a full day at the Grand Canyon and loaded up to head back to Las Vegas. After a quick lunch stop at In-n-Out for a burger, we finished up the drive and arrived in Fabulous Las Vegas.

We had a little bit of free time for swimming at the hotel...

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Orlando Baseball | Spring Term 22

Wednesday brought a unique challenge for the Baseball Orlando team. Wake up time for the 10 a.m. game was 5:30, as we drove to Bradenton. The team was coming off a tough loss the day previously and did not get into the rooms until late Tuesday evening. The team responded with 15 runs and incredible energy to win 15-2! Nick Stinson pitched great, Michael Mullinax went deep, and the entire team played well...

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Miami | Spring Term 22

by student Brooke Moore

Today was our last day in Miami, and it was probably one of the best days. We started off the day eating some eggs, bacon, and biscuits that were so good. Mrs. Peggy is really amazing! 

Then we did our morning devotion and talked for a little bit then hit the road to the food distribution center. At the food distribution center I was the pepper girl. I placed boxes of peppers on the carts and sometimes took the carts to the car.,,,

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Crafting | Spring Term 2022

Our day began with Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Speck handing out the goodie bags that our sweet little K4 friends made us. They took up candy donations and packed up some sweetness for our students to enjoy throughout the next few days to remind us that they were praying for us! Super thankful for sweet friends...

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Costa Rica | Spring Term 22

Happy Wednesday to all of our family and friends back home. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and encouragement. It means the world that you are reading our blog and checking out our pictures. Our ultimate goal in all of this is to tell the story of what God has done and is doing. As Christ followers, sharing the gospel is a charge to “tell a good story.” This morning more of our crew woke up with sore muscles and a feeling of accomplishment....


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Appalachia | Spring Term 2022

Pretty sure the lesson for today is this isn't as

Well, we did it! We arrived Sunday to learning the family we were serving had changed but the project scope was the same.

We built a deck, a back stoop and underpinned their home to regulate the floor temperature during the seasons. We helped a husband and wife who are expecting a baby soon...

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NCCS students  in Puerto Rico for Spring Term.

A few of the students got the day started with Coach Moore at 5:30 a.m. for a tough workout, courtesy of Coach Mercado! At around 6:30 a.m., some of the ladies gathered up for a yoga workout. After the workouts, we all gathered in the dining hall for breakfast. Mrs. Elizabeth really knows how to cook! We had scrambled eggs with peppers, sausage links, cinnamon rolls, bagels, and cereal.

After breakfast, we met back up in the dining hall for our church service....

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Past Spring Term Highlights

Spring Term trip to Haiti.
A male student from North Cobb Christian School near Atlanta spends time with three young children in Haiti.
NCCS Baseball team is in New York in front of the Washington Square Arch in NYC.
Students at NCCS help a child with special needs get in a van with her wheelchair.
A student from NCCS learns about broadcasting at Atlanta's CNN Center
NCCS students work to install a water filter in another country.
A NCCS student walks with a child through banana trees in Honduras.

Spring Term 2021 Blog

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Xtreme Men | NCCS Spring Term 2021

Xtreme Men opened its Tuesday session pondering this pericope to focus on responsibility, today’s theme principle (and one of NCCS’s core values). It’s an odd way to reward faithfulness: with more responsibility. “You did a good job,” the master says. “Here’s your reward: more work.” How is giving more responsibility to a faithful person a reward?...

  • Spring 2021
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Puerto Rico | Spring Term 2021

Just when we thought everyone would be quick to go to bed last night after a long day of work ... some of them got their second wind and kept us entertained for awhile last night!  Others called it a night early last night, and it was easy to tell the difference between the groups at the wakeup call this morning.  They have a fun rule with SEND Relief when it comes to mealtimes....

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Nashville | NCCS Spring Term 2021

We also had the privilege of visiting RCA Studio B: the most famous and influential recording studio in the city. Our group sat in the same studio where hundreds of hits across multiple genres were brainstormed and recorded. Perhaps one of the coolest pieces of history we encountered there was the grand piano that “the King” himself, Elvis Presley....

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Marvel and Missions | NCCS Spring Term 2021

The NCCS Spring Term 2021 Marvel & Missions team started off Day 2 with a devotional from NCCS Senior Noah Gardner on seeing the characteristics of Jesus and Satan in today's movie, Avengers - Age of Ultron. Lucas Ayers, after seeing the movie, said "the devotion allowed him to see the film in a different way ... not just good guys and bad guys fighting but on a higher moral level of doing what is right."...

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Local Missions ATL: NCCS Spring Term 2021

Today was an amazing day for our team as we split off into two groups to serve our local community.

Group 1 headed to Warehouse for Hope in Douglasville for service in the morning, and Group 2 spent the morning at Books for Africa. Group 1 began preparations for a meal that will be served Tuesday, while Group 2 jumped into sorting books being prepared for multiple African nations....

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Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief | NCCS Spring Term 2021

What a day! The NCCS Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief team left out early in frigid temperatures and arrived to a warm (very warm) welcome by Pensacola Beach! After an early dinner at Crab's, we settled in quite nicely to our new homes for the week. The houses are so comfortable, and we are truly grateful!....

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Florida STEM | NCCS Spring Term 2021

One thing we talked about before leaving was really opening our hearts to let Jesus shine through us and reveal new things to us, and at the Kennedy Center, I really saw how truly creative and intelligent our God is. The way that He created each galaxy, solar system, planet, and asteroid was exactly designed for His purpose, and it is so evident when you are learning about space....

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Dominican Republic | NCCS Spring Term 2021

We woke up early this morning to head out for the day after breakfast. Once we arrived at the church, we divided into groups. One group stayed back and did construction, while the other groups did SMT: Strategic Ministry Time, where we go out to minister to families within the villages and take special note of their situations....

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Carolina Culture slide heading

We woke up early to the beauty of the Smoky Mountains and started the day with a group devotional.

Then, we drove to the Biltmore Estate, where we enjoyed a very eventful biking excursion around the Biltmore grounds and French Broad River! Students enjoyed saying “hello” to the cows, sheep, goats and chickens on the property....

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