Spring Term


Spring Term is a cornerstone of the North Cobb Christian School experience and one of the many elements that makes NCCS so much more than just another school. This is where true life change happens — where our students are invested into deeply … and then guided to invest into others.

Spring Term for NCCS Upper and Middle School students is a special time that provides real-world opportunities for 5th through 12th graders to take what they have learned in the classroom and in chapels and apply it throughout the world.

From Haiti to Hawaii and everywhere in between, these experiences encompass overseas mission trips, cultural immersions, service projects, academic pursuits, arts explorations and more.

A group of student on a mission trip pictured with local children.

“During Spring Term, my eyes were opened to the world. From bonding with my classmates to serving others in remote areas of the globe, Spring Term was a life-changing experience that shaped who I am today.” NCCS Alumni

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Photo Gallery

Spring Term trip to Haiti.
A male student from North Cobb Christian School near Atlanta spends time with three young children in Haiti.
NCCS Baseball team is in New York in front of the Washington Square Arch in NYC.
Students at NCCS help a child with special needs get in a van with her wheelchair.
A student from NCCS learns about broadcasting at Atlanta's CNN Center
NCCS students work to install a water filter in another country.
A NCCS student walks with a child through banana trees in Honduras.

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Upper School
Megan Strange

Krys West

Middle School
Craig Konchak

Gina Piepmeier