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Wednesday, March 29

Charleston Church Spring Term Trip

Written by NCCS Student Olivia Morin
On Wednesday, we went to serve at Mother Emmanuel Church. When we arrived, Mr. Bennet was very welcoming. He showed us around the church and shared its history. Everyone was able to tell how passionate he was about the church. We then were able to paint on the 200-year-old ceiling tiles of the church, which will be sold in an auction, assisting in the restoration of the church. The tiles will also be used as a model being shown to other schools following in our footsteps.

Written by NCCS Student Juliet Scardino
On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of going to Mother Emanuel AME Church to continue the efforts of last year's trip. This was a really cool experience because this church was incredibly resilient and has gone through so much. It was impactful just being there. Mr. Bennett was really welcoming and gave us a wonderful history and tour of the church and allowed us to ask questions on the appearance and historic areas of the main church.

We learned about the history of the church and its Gothic Revival style. It was critical to restore the historical value and keep it thriving as an impactful landmark in Charleston. It was so fulfilling to know who and what we were helping, and the work was fun and really cool considering what we were painting -- centuries-old tiles. Afterward, giving Mr. Bennett the donations and the prayer was moving and touching. It made us feel full, knowing the difference we’d make -- especially after that morning’s devotion on the importance of service.

NCCS students painting tiles for Charleston Mother Emanuel AME Church on Spring Term.

Tuesday, March 28

Written by NCCS student Montana CeresoliToday we went to Patriots Point. We got to walk around the ship and be educated on the historical facts. It was interesting to learn about how they were able to adapt to their living circumstances. We are thankful for the opportunity to learn about the lives of these brave soldiers. It was cool being able to climb up the stairs and get a nice workout.

Written by NCCS student Kristanna GarnerFollowing our visit to Patriots Point, we had lunch and took a walk through downtown Charleston. “Toast All Day” was the restaurant where we had lunch. The food was really good, and the staff was super quick to seat our large group.

We saw some old buildings and churches while touring the town, and Coach Huff would explain their significance to us. If we wanted to, we could have also gone for ice cream or done some shopping. Despite the fact that we were all walking a lot, everyone seemed to be in a good mood, which made the day fun and positive. 

NCCS students hold the North Cobb Christian School banner in the museum hangar in Charleston, SC.

Monday, March 27

Written by Julia Swank, Upper School Faculty
We headed to Charleston around 9 a.m. and enjoyed the day together. Our first stop in Charleston was Poe’s Tavern. The entire restaurant is Edgar Allan Poe themed!

After dinner, we checked into our beach house on Isle of Palms. We enjoyed seeing dolphins and relaxing after our trip. We made a grocery run and worked together as a team to prepare for the week.

Our devotion time was lead by Coach Huff, and he reminded us of God’s redemptive story in all things. He urged our team to look for God’s redemptive power as we serve in Charleston.

We are excited for what the Lord will do in and through our team this week!

Charleston Spring Term with school banner.