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Wednesday Funday


After a meaningful challenge from Sam the Contractor/Theologian, the Memphis team finished up their demo and clean up at the SEND Relief Center today.  A short morning of work meant we could cruise over to Wally Hatchet's for a nice lunch.  After lunch we had a great tour of Sun Studio with an expert guide who told us all about the many stars of Sun Records like Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.  We heard all about the first record cut by Elvis Presley and we even got to sing into the microphone he used!  

Next, we headed to the oldest continuously operated store on Beale Street, ASchwab, for snacks, souvenir shopping and ice cream.   After walking around for a bit in Memphis we scooted over to the Peabody Hotel for the 5 pm March of the Ducks as they came out of the fountain on command and returned to their palatial residence on the roof top.  

Next came some fantastic pizza, cheesecake, garlic knots, paninis, and pasta from Aldo's right between Autozone park and the FEDEX Forum.  The evening was topped off with some gokart racing and although many impressive times were recorded, Drew Landreth was crowned racing king.  

Mr. Hendrix brought our 5th devotional in a great series he is presenting each evening challenging students to think through their place in God's creation and as a member of Christ's body, the church.  His devotionals have helped us all keep our eyes focused on the work that Christ is doing in us which in turn has helped us take a lot of joy in what we are doing here in Memphis.  

Tuesday in Memphis

Written by Dr. Rachel Hedges, US Faculty

Working in Memphis | Day 4 for the Memphis Team; Day 2 of Demolition

Today the team headed back to the SEND Relief Center for some more demo. Our team was split into several smaller groups to tackle several projects at once, and boy did we get a lot done! We put in a full day and filled another dumpster to overflowing!

We took several rooms down to the studs, did all the clean up and got it ready for the next crew to come in and take up where we left off.

Tonight we took a well deserved break to attend a Memphis Grizzlies game. Since they knew we were coming, they went ahead and defeated the Orlando Magic.

Monday in Bluff City 

Written by Dr. Rachel Hedges, US Faculty
Day 3 in Memphis | Day 1 of DEMO

NCCS students tackled Day 1 of Demo at the SEND Relief Center in Memphis. After a hearty breakfast prepared by the women of our team, we set out for the SEND Relief Center. We pulled down ceilings, knocked out dry wall, swept up shards of both, swept up the dust, filled an entire industrial-sized dumpster to the brim, scrapped a lot of aluminum, copper and steel ... and then it was lunchtime.  

The exuberance of the morning session was tempered a bit after lunch, as sore muscles and sweaty shirts began to overtake us.   However, the sense of satisfaction we all felt knowing we had prepared the room for its next phase of renovation was a sweet reward.  

Another sweet reward was provided by our very own Head of School, as he treated the team to ice cream treats at Sugar Ghost!