MS 8th Charleston Blog

Wednesday, March 29Anna Ellis - 8th Grade English Teacher

Day 3!!!! The day began like yesterday with a hot breakfast and time together before we loaded the buses. Our first stop today was at Charles Town Landing. Students were able to walk around and explore the beautiful grounds. This stop featured a Pirate Ship and a zoo! Students got to take many cool pictures and see just how pretty parts of Charleston truly are.

From there, we went to Magnolia Plantation and ate lunch on the beautiful grounds. Students were able to explore a petting zoo, a garden, and a swamp. We departed from there and went back to the City Market for some extra shopping and fun snacks.

Once we all met up again, we split up into four groups and took a 2-hour walking tour of the City of Charleston. Some highlights included Rainbow Row, The Battery, and many historical houses along the way.

After the tour, we loaded up and had dinner at Golden Corral all together. The boys enjoyed the unlimited ice cream cones and steaks. We finally headed to the hotel for the night and enjoyed a devotion from Mr. Frazier and 8th grader Kahlaia Brown.

We then sent students upstairs to pack and clean before going to bed! Overall, it was a wonderful day full of many fun sights! Please be in prayer as we travel home tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 28Anna Ellis - 8th Grade English Teacher

Day two was a BLAST! We started out our morning with wake-up calls and a hot breakfast. The students were excited to receive a drawstring bag full of goodies from Anhalise Hendrix's grandmother! We loaded up the bus and headed to Patriot's Point where students got to explore the USS Yorktown.

The students loved getting to see the inside of planes, aircrafts on the carrier, and getting to climb up into areas that actual pilots got to go. After exploring the aircraft carrier, we got to have a picnic Chick-Fil-A lunch and play some outside games. After that, we boarded a ferry that took us to Fort Sumter.

We enjoyed a nice boat ride that included snacks and dolphin sightings. Once we made it to the fort, we were able to walk around and explore the place where the first shots of the Civil War rang out. A quick boat ride took us back to the gift shop!

From there, we took our buses to Mt. Pleasant Pier, and students got to play on the playground, play sports on the lawn, walk the pier, fish, and grab snacks from the snack shop. We had a wonderful BBQ dinner catered to the park, and the kids played hard until it was time to leave.

Once back at the hotel, we had our devotion from Mr. Frazier, had a few minutes of down time, and got ready for bed! Tomorrow is a day of LOTS of walking, but we are ready for the exciting challenge! Be praying for safety!

Monday, March 27Anna Ellis - 8th Grade English Teacher

Good evening from Charleston!! We had the most wonderful first day! It began with a 6:00 a.m. meet time at NCCS to load our charter buses. From there, we traveled safely (although VERY rainy) from Kennesaw to Charleston with a few traffic hiccups and a wonderful Chick-Fil-A breakfast along the way. Our first stop when we arrived was the Charleston Visitor Center to walk through the museum.

We then split into walking groups to find good lunch spots and explore City Market. Some fun student purchases included matching hats, cool sunglasses, Starbucks drinks, fine jewelry and so much more.

We took a group photo on the steps of the Customs Exchange Building and headed over to the Provost Dungeon. Students enjoyed learning about the history of the building and got to see what it would be like to be a prisoner in the dungeons of Charleston.

We took a leisurely walk by the water on the way to the buses. We did encounter some rain throughout the day, but everyone was very excited to be there, and no complaining could be heard. The final stop of the day was Freddy's Fun Park for an evening full of go-kart races, arcade games, and slushies. There were some intense races between Mr. Frazier, Dr. Houston, and many students as they zipped around the track. Many prizes were won, and everyone left feeling very tired but very happy.

We ended the night with a devotion led by Mr. Frazier and getting ready for bed!

We are so excited for what is in store for tomorrow and how God is going to use us!