Performing Arts Tour Blog

Friday, March 31

by NCCS Student Bryson Maycumber
On our final day of spring term we spent the day at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. We spent the day riding rollercoasters, seeing shows, and eating the food the park had the offer. We were incredibly lucky to be there on a day where the park was very empty. No one waited in lines for the most of the day, and some people were able to ride the same rides as many times as they wanted to. We were blessed to have great weather throughout the day, as well. It was a great place to reflect on our trip and spend the day having fun to close everything out!

Thursday, March 30

by NCCS Student Abbey Fortney
We woke up later than usual, which was everyone was excited about. We headed downstairs for some breakfast and then loaded the bus. Unfortunately, our bus was in need of a tire change, so we stayed in the hotel longer than we previously thought. We were there until we were supposed to eat lunch, so the hotel kindly provided us with lunch, and the travel company paid for all of our meals which was a huge blessing. 

After that, we headed to the bus and were on our way to Williamsburg. On the bus, people got a good nap and watched plenty of movies.

Finally, we got off the bus to have a delicious pizza dinner and then went to the hotel only to find a surprise of cookies waiting for us. 

We all saw God today when He kept providing us with blessings such as rest, food, and protection. Today did not go as planned, but we are so thankful for all that God has done for us and what He is doing to us on this trip. 

Wednesday, March 29Written by NCCS Student Ava Crook
Today was another awesome day on the Northeastern Performance Tour. We started off our day by taking the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. After a fun (and chilly) boat ride, we left the boat to head on a brief walking tour of the city. We got to see many iconic landmarks, memorials, and buildings, including the Twin Towers memorial and the New York Public Library.

After that, we performed at the Madison Avenue Atrium. It was an amazing opportunity to perform for the people of this city and spread the love of God through music.

After stopping for a short time at the Rockefeller Center, we toured the city a little more before heading off to dinner. Dinner at Bill’s Burgers was delicious after a long day.

The orchestra and band students then headed off to see a performance by the New York Philharmonic. The performance was beautiful, and showcased several different genres of symphonic music.

It was a long and packed day, but an absolute blast. 

Tuesday, March 28Written by NCCS Student Elizabeth Turnbough
We began the morning with an early breakfast and packing our suitcases/instruments to travel to NYC. After stopping to use the bathrooms and get snacks, we arrived in New York safely. Our first activity was a thorough tour of the beautiful Carnegie Hall! We learned about the history of the hall, Carnegie himself, the architecture, and the famous people that performed there.

We then ate a short but tasty lunch at Ray’s Pizza. Afterward, we went on a bike tour through Central Park where we witnessed the depths of God’s creativity! Although we had some hiccups along the way, no one left with more than a few bruises. Overall, we felt greatly blessed to get some fresh air on a sunny day!

At Gayle’s Broadway Rose, we literally experienced dinner and a show! We were fed and entertained simultaneously by talented singers serenading us. We were able to change at Gayle’s, also, before we left for Broadway to see Aladdin! The show was full of color, elaborate outfits, beautiful music, and some great acting! Everyone enjoyed it ,and we finished our very eventful day by driving to the Double Tree Hotel to retire for the night.

We had a lot of fun and saw God in everything: getting to NYC on time even after a construction setback, everyone staying safe and together, and being able to experience God’s beauty through nature and the arts. 

Monday, March 27

Written by nccs student landon clark

Today, on the Preforming Arts Trip, we got the amazing opportunity to tour Washington, D.C.! We started the day off by preforming in front of the Lincoln Memorial, playing songs such as Amazing Grace, I’m so Blessed, and God Bless America!

Later in the day, we got to tour the Arlington Nation Cemetery, where a few volunteer students participated in the wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Out of all of the events today, my personal favorite was visiting the Smithsonian Museums of American History, Natural History, and Art! We were able to see God through the wonderful exhibits at these museums. Through diamonds and gems, the intricacies of the world animals, and examples of various ecosystems, we were able to see further into the beautiful world that God has created!

We are all so grateful to have the opportunity to be on this trip, and we are looking forward to many more days like this one to come!

Sunday, March 26Written by nccs student lindsay nichols

Today we spent most of our day with The Salvation Army, where we were able to lead worship for their Sunday service, beautify their surrounding neighborhood, and play with some young children through their ministry.

Later in the evening, we boarded a yacht for a dinner cruise through the Potomac River where we enjoyed a delicious buffet, watched the sun set over the nation’s capital, and of course danced the cupid shuffle.

I was particularly touched by the church service with Salvation Army, as the church leaders inspired us with their servitude and commitment to God's plan. The pastor gave a touching message on sacrifice. I specifically remember him saying, “We cannot truly unlock the potential that God has planned for us until we sacrifice our personal agenda. We must fully submit our souls to God in order to achieve his mission.” This simple truth really allowed our team to focus on the reason we’re here. Not just to see the sights, but to be agents of God's plan, and to further his kingdom.