Puerto Rico Blog


by Parker Smith, Student Life Director
We’ve had a fun and productive (and exhausting!) couple days. Each day this week has been spent on our various work sites. Work has included painting, roof sealing, yard work, pressure washing, concrete mixing, tile laying, and much more. The students have served very well, and each student has stepped up in unique ways. It’s fun seeing them work hard and watch their hard work make a difference.

Tomorrow is our last day of work before coming home on Friday. Pray for us as we try to complete our projects and finish well. 


NCCS female student at the ocean in Puerto Rico.

MONDAYToday was our first day of work! Our team is split into 3 work teams, each at a different location for the week. One team is spending the week painting a house, another team is at a different house doing some roof work, yard work, and painting, and the third team is staying at the ministry center helping them with an expansion project.

See below for a highlight from the day from senior Daylen Rediger:

It has been an amazing experience becoming a small part of the story of Puerto Rico. I have enjoyed eating fresh mango and coconut right off the trees and getting to know the people here. It has been so cool to begin forming relationships only in Spanish. Through Spanish, I am starting to build a relationship with one of the home-owners we are helping, and through this relationship, I am hoping to get to share the Gospel with her before the week is over.
Daylen Rediger


The Puerto Rico team has had a great time adventuring and serving so far! We arrived on Saturday afternoon and took the 1.5 hour drive from San Juan (north side of the island) to Ponce (south side of the island). Once we arrived, we ate dinner, settled in, and went through a time of orientation with Send Relief.

On Sunday, we went to church and enjoyed a time of worship and a message from John 13. After church, we had lunch at Wendy’s (very cultural - we know). After lunch we had the afternoon to explore. We went to the beach for a little while, enjoyed some tropical drinks, and walked around a neat area by the ocean. We took a quick trip to Walmart for some essentials (aka snacks) and then had dinner at PF Changs (we know). It was Mrs. Rupp’s birthday, so we got to celebrate her with a nice dinner!