Washington, D.C.

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Wednesday, 3.27

by Marlee Morning, NCCS student

We started the day off with tasty breakfast sandwiches, made by some of our team members early in the morning. Today was our day of service, and even though it was cloudy, we were ready to make the most of it.

After eating, we started our trek to the metro and rode till we made it to the Salvation Army where we were serving. The fun of this service project was not quite knowing what we might get to do. After the short introduction from Sergeant B at the Salvation Army, we got split into groups with different task.

Two girls under a cherry tree.

From cleaning up the offices, decorating for Easter, cleaning the carpet in the service center, to praying over the rooms and the chairs, we worked hard! All of these things were done to glorify God.

We took a short break to get lunch from a local sandwich shop, with the most delicious sandwiches that filled up well after a hard couple first hours of work. After eating, we worked, cleaned, and continued our service in hopes of making their church a welcoming and clean environment for everyone.

We finished up jobs and explored a bit more of the city before heading back on the metro to our home! We all feel like we are pros at it.

Today made me think of those who live their day to day life with hardened hearts. Spending a day in the residential area of D.C. opened my eyes to the need for service and the need for God. I can’t wait for our team time tonight!

Group of students in Washington DC at sunset.

Monday, 3.25

by Jonathan Meaders, NCCS student

After a short bus ride, our 2024 spring term group made it to an Amtrack train station for a long-anticipated train ride. A cold yet brisk walk from the bus to the train station was a refresher for most of us. I asked some of the people in the group, “How are we feeling about the train ride?” There were two popular answers. On one hand, people were stoked to ride on a train as it was a new experience for most of us. On the other hand, there were dreadful answers, full of despair and the fear of boredom. Some people even said things like, “14 hours on a train is crazy.” 

The anticipation for the train ride has peaked because we are 5 minutes from boarding. Upon sitting down in the reclining train seats, it was a relief to be in a comfortable chair. The captain gives a brief speech. “We will dim the lights,” he said (he did not dim the lights). Around 12 a.m., we departed from the train station. Most of us had trouble falling asleep because the lights were bright, the train horn was deafening, and the chairs didn't recline all the way back, causing some of us to stay up all night.

Washington DC spring trip train ride.

However, this struggle only lasted for about 6 hours. At 6 a.m., breakfast opened, allowing travel between train cars and starting opportunities for fun. We started having a blast. Walking in between the cars, eating the delicious food, and socializing on a train allowed for a joyful experience, creating peaceful and exciting memories. After an astounding 14 hours, our train ride had at last, concluded.

View of a river out a train window.

It was now time to journey from the train station to the house, and we walked 1.7 miles. After an eventful walk, we arrived at our house. It was a beautiful mansion with the perfect living space. At this point, it is clear that many memories will be made in this house and beyond. Excitement for the following days is building as it is now time to go to bed.